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Akhdar Yabes


After the death of their parents, Iman lives in a callous apartment in Cairo with her younger sister Noha. Trapped between everyday worries and the inexplicable changes in her body, the woman in her mid-thirties seems as brittle as her cactus breed. An old love reappears and her moody sister Noha’s upcoming engagement could exempt her from her obligations, but tradition demands a male relative at the engagement ritual. As the sisters are not close to their family, Iman has to come up with an idea not to risk the engagement, while the test results from her visit to the doctor threaten to throw her off track. Stoic Iman experiences herself other-directed in a world where the rules set by men are even valid in their complete absence. From a female perspective, the film observes the social economy of a male society imposing itself upon female bodies..


Original title: Akhdar Yabes
ET 2016, 74 min
Genre: Drama
Director: Mohammed Hammad


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