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Kinostart am 20.09.2018

Shut Up and Play the Piano

Release 20.09.2018 Punk and a pianist, provocateur and pop star: opinions about Chilly Gonzales tend to greatly differ. A portrait. read more


Release 20.09.2018 SEARCHING plays out entirely on a laptop screen. David Kim‘s relationship with his daughter has become more distant since her mother‘s death. When his daughter disappears without a trace, he desparately tries to reconstruct what could have happened with the help of her social media accounts. read more

Kinostart am 27.09.2018

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Release 27.09.2018 The production on Terry Gilliam‘s most recent film kept being disrupted by calamities and legal disputes. Almost 20 years after filming began, the film about a cynical ad executive and an old cobbler who believes he is Don Quixote in coming to the cinema. read more

Sweet Country

Release 27.09.2018 SWEET COUNTRY is an Australian western from an Aboriginal perspective, written and directed by Aboriginal artists. read more

Kinostart am 04.10.2018

A dysfunctional cat

Release 04.10.2018 Iranian Mina comes to Germany to marry her countryman Kian. He‘s happy this arranged marriage means he will finally have a wife, she wants a bit more freedom read more