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Release Date 09.09.2021 Bill Baker (Matt Damon) from Stillwater, Oklahoma regularly flies to Marseille, where his daughter is charged with killing her roommate. read more

Freakscene – The Story of Dinosaur Jr.

Release Date 09.09.2021 Dinosaur Jr. are indie rock pioneers, but there have been reports of tension between the three band members from the beginning. In FREAKSCENE, J Mascis, Lou, and Murph speak openly about the toxic atmosphere in the band. read more

Notes Of Berlin: The Film

Release Date 09.09.2021 Joab Nist‘s blog NOTES OF BERLIN, which posted the notes found on Berlin street lamps, windscreens, and post boxes was turned into the interactive website “Notes of Berlin Lab“ in 2014, where the stories behind the notes are told: which is ... read more


Herr Bachmann und seine Klasse

Release Date 16.09.2021 A long-term documentary about an extraordinary teacher and his class. read more

Je suis Karl

Release Date 16.09.2021 Maxi‘s mother and her little siblings die in a terrorist attack that is attributed to Islamist terrorists but was actually committed by neo-Nazis. Handsome young Nazi Karl creeps in on Maxi in order to use her for the group‘s propaganda.


Youth Unstoppable

Release Date 30.09.2021 read more

Walter Kaufmann: What A Life!

Release Date 30.09.2021 Walter Kaufmann, born in 1924, escaped to England with the Kindertransport and became a travel writer in the GDR thanks to his Australian passport: his journeys took him from Hiroshima to the US civil rights movement, the Cuban revolution, and ... read more