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Kinostart am 13.12.2018

The Apparition

Release 13.12.2018 Experienced and war traumatized journalist Jacques is sent by the Vatican to head an investigative commission meant to get to the bottom of a Marian apparition in rural southern France. read more


Release 13.12.2018 The documentary reconstructs Ruth Bader Ginsberg‘s aka “The Notorious RBG‘s“ path to the Supreme Coart and becoming a role model with medial flashbacks and interviews. read more

Postcards From London

Release 13.12.2018 Jim goes to London searching for adventure and gets involved with the “Raconteurs,“ a group of elegant male escorts. They take Jim under their wings and train him to become a master of “post-coital conversation.“ read more

Kinostart am 27.12.2018

Mary Shelley

Release 27.12.2018 Mary Wollstonecraft is only 17 when she falls hard for the romantic – and married – poet Percy Shelley and runs off with him and her sister. She writes her classic novel“Frankenstein“ at 21. read more

The Last Movie

Release 27.12.2018 Dennis Hopper’s legendarily maligned, long-lost followup to EASY RIDER returns in a newly restored edition. read more