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Release Date 07.11.2019 The morning begins like any other for Lara Jenkins. But today is a very special day for her: not only is it her 60th birthday, but her son Viktor is giving a big solo piano concert. He hasn't invited his mother. read more

Piazzolla – The Years of the Shark

Release Date 07.11.2019 An intimate portrait of tango revolutionary Astor Piazzola in super 8 family films, recordings of conversations with his daughter Diana from the 80s, and current stories from his son Daniel.

Im Niemandsland

Release Date 07.11.2019 After the fall of the wall, before reunification. While the family fights over their dispossessed home in the GDR, teenagers Katja and Thorben get closer. read more

The Report

Release Date 07.11.2019 THE REPORT is a dramatization of how one man created the largest paper trail investigation in the history of the U.S. Senate — the 6,000-page Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture. read more

Marianne & Leonard – Words of Love

Release Date 07.11.2019 Nick Broomfield (KURT & COURTNEY, WHITNEY - CAN I BE ME) follows the relationship of Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ihlen from its beginnings on the Greek island of Hydra to Marianne's death. read more


Searching Eva

Release Date 14.11.2019 Eva is what is called an “influencer,“ a term that is often used disparagingly. But you could also say: she is an artist with internet access. read more

A Dog Called Money

Release Date 14.11.2019 Documenting a unique recording and the travels that inspired it. read more

Bamboo Stories

Release Date 14.11.2019 A documentary about people in Bangladesh making their living off of bamboos. read more


Mishima: A Life in four Chapters

Release Date 28.11.2019 Paul Schrader’s bold, colorful masterpiece receives a timely re-release. read more


Release Date 28.11.2019 CAMPO, shot in a military base that is also a nature reserve, is nothing less than a portrait of human existence. read more