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Release Date 13.01.2022 19 year old Linnéa came to California from Sweden to become a porn star. Carefully researched and shot with a cast of actors and porn stars, PLEASURE is about the compromises that Linnéa makes in order to pursue her dream. read more


Release Date 13.01.2022 Larraìn‘s Diana portrait focuses on the last joint Christmas that Diana had with the English royal family on the Sandringham estate in 1991. read more


Nightmare Alley

Release Date 20.01.2022 In del Toro‘s remake of the noir classic from 1947, Bradley Cooper plays prowler Carlisle who lands in a carnival as a temporary employee, quickly works his way up, and ultimately becomes a popular medium in high society. read more


Release Date 20.01.2022 An unconventional biopic about the life of Czech herbalist Jan Mikolášek, whose unusual healing methods made him wealthy but also puts him in conflict with the state.. read more

Niemand ist bei den Kälbern – No One's with the Calves

Release Date 20.01.2022 Brandenburg, summertime. Christin is having problems with settling for a life amongst cherry liquor and a cow barn. read more