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No Name Restaurant

Release Date 04.08.2022 A chain of events takes New York Jew Ben to the Sinai desert, where Beduin Adel comes to his aid. read more



Release Date 11.08.2022 The Solé family has been cultivating a peach farm for generations. Day laborers gather the harvest. The Pinyol family, who own the property, wants to build a solar park on the grounds. The Berlinale Golden Bear winner. read more

Sweet Disaster

Release Date 11.08.2022 Frida has found the love of her life in Felix. But then she realizes she has accidentally gotten pregnant and that Felix is back together with his ex-girlfriend. Frida desperately tries everything to win him back. read more


Release Date 11.08.2022 In Jordan Peele‘s (GET OUT) new horror film, a ranch and aliens play a role. read more

The Last Bus

Release Date 11.08.2022 Widower Tom fulfills his late wife's dying wish by carrying her ashes from northern Scotland to Cornwall - only using public buses. read more