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In March of this year fashion designer Dries Van Noten presented his 100th show in Paris Bercy. The documentary follows the Belgian as he prepares for the event and also gains some access into his private life.


In March of this year fashion designer Dries Van Noten presented his 100th show in Paris Bercy; a fitting moment to gain insight into Van Noten’s way of working. Reiner Holzemer, who made a name for himself with his documentaries on photographers like Walker Evans, William Eggleston, and Anton Corbijn, accompanies the Belgian as he prepares for this event. He looks over his shoulder when the materials are chosen over a span of months, goes to India where the embroidery is produced, and is behind the scenes when the stress level rises and the models are sent off on the runway. There are a also some calmer moments with Dries Van Noten on his feudal country estate with his longtime partner. Both of their aesthetic leans towards perfectionism just like their work together does. Vacation is a foreign word. It would be unthinkable to cancel a collection.

Director Holzemer says his interest in making a film about the fashion world was awakened in 2011 when he read an article on British fashion designer John Galliano who was kicked out of Dior because he spouted some anti-Semitic things while drunk. That story might’ve been more controversial than a portrait of the scandal-free, likable Van Noten. Galliano said that the reason for his outbreak was the increasing pressure to succeed. Dries Van Noten talks about it as well, but came to terms with it a long time ago and so the topic remains just a footnote in an altogether uncritical, exquisitely filmed look behind the scenes of the fashion world with the electronic beats of Colin Greenwood.

Lars Tuncay

Translation: Elinor Lewy


Deutschland/Belgien 2017, 90 min
Genre: Documentary
Director: Reiner Holzemer
Author: Reiner Holzemer
DOP: Reiner Holzemer, Toon Illegem, Erwin Van Der Stappen
Montage: Stephan Krumbiegel, Helmar Jungmann
Music: Matthew Herbert, Collin Greenwood, Sam Petts-Davies
Distributor: Prokino
Release: 29.06.2017




  • OV Original version
  • OmU Original with German subtitles
  • OmeU Original with English subtitles

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