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Glitter & Dust

Release Date 29.10.2020 read more

Matthias et Maxime

Release Date 18.03.2021 Maxime wants to migrate to Australia for two years. His friend Matthias, with a job and a girlfriend, struggles with the goodbye more than expected. The new Dolan: quick dialogue, a boisterious party atmosphere, and a great soundtrack.

My Little Sister

Release Date 01.12.2020 Sven and Lisa are twins – and theater people. He, the older one, is an actor. She, the “little sister,“ writes for the stage. They are well versed in words and emotions, However, they deal less well with Sven‘s cancer. read more

The Final Land

Release Date 25.04.2021 After years of handicraft and an engaged two week low budget shoot, director Barion and his team have created a chamber play-like trip to space that‘s quite impressive.

The Two Sights

Release Date 01.01.1970 Canadian filmmaker Joshua Bonetta was making a film examining the sounds of the Scottish Hebrides when he came upon the long-held belief that the Hebrides are a “soft place” where the borders between the living and the passed-on are less clear. read more

Und morgen die ganze Welt

Luisa moves into a squat and begins to get politically active against Nazis. The actions that Luisa and her group take become more and more radical. read more

Youth Unstoppable

Release Date 01.12.2020 read more

Zustand und Gelände

The “wild“ concentration camps to eliminate political enemies were established right after the National Socialists came to power in March 1933. ZUSTAND UND GELÄNDE visits the nearly forgotten places and investigates how different political ... read more


Bill & Ted Face the Music

Release Date 25.09.2020 Wyld Stallyns ride again to save the universe. read more

Making Montgomery Clift

Release Date 17.10.2020 Documentary taking in the highs and lows in the career of Montgomery Clift, Hollywood-star and queer icon. Co-directed by Clift's nephew Robert. read more

The Craft: Legacy

Release Date 29.10.2020 Sequel to THE CRAFT (1996). Again, a young girl arrives at a new school and finds her crowd with a trio of selfproclaimed weirdos who are into magick. read more

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Release Date 16.10.2020 Legal drama based on the true story of a group of anti-war protesters at the 1968 Democratic Party conference. read more


About Endlessness

Release Date 17.09.2020 Episodic and poetic vignettes about life and what one can do against it ending. read more


Release Date 08.10.2020 Henry and Anna are less than enthusiastic when they find out that their very talented and sick daughter Milla has fallen in love for the first time – with a young drifter and drug dealer Moses, of all people. read more

Becoming Black

Release Date 10.09.2020 For a long time Ines Johnson-Spain didn't know why her skin was a different colour from her family's. In her documentary she searches for her roots and explores the history of racism in the GDR. read more


Release Date 15.10.2020 Daniel lives alone with his dog Bruno and repairs electrical appliances – until he loses everything. BRUNO is a smart, gentle film that clearly shows how hard it is for a person in a precarious position to come out of it on their own in the best ... read more

Dark Waters

Release Date 08.10.2020 Todd Haynes (SAFE, FAR FROM HEAVEN) and his regular ace DP Edward Lachman prove that there is room in a conventional legal drama for artistic grace. read more


Release Date 22.10.2020 A film choreography centered around a dancer in search of something: Ema has separated from her husband and given up her adopted son. In despair, she roams across coastal city Valparaíso. read more


Release Date 22.10.2020 A new quirky comedy by indie director artist and riot grrrl Mirandy July about a family of cons and low-level criminals. read more

Martin Eden

Release Date 20.05.2021 An adaptation of Jack London‘s autobiographical novel: fisherman Martin Erden tries to conquer the heart of bourgeois Eleni and ascend to “cultivated“ society through education.

Military Wives

Release Date 15.10.2020 Peter Cattaneo‘s (THE FULL MONTY) new feel-good movie is about British military wives who start a choir while their husbands are overseas. read more


Release Date 01.10.2020 The Miss World beauty contest in 1970 is hosted by comedian Bob Hope and transmitted from London to the entire world. The newly founded “Women‘s Liberation Movement“ decides to protest against the sexism of the event. read more

Naked Animals

Release Date 17.09.2020 Classmates Katja, Sascha, Benni, Schöller, and Laila live near Berlin. Most of their parents are absent, they are left to their own devices. A raw, brutal coming-of-age drama. read more

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Release Date 01.10.2020 When 17-year-old Autumn from Pennsylvania finds out that she‘s pregnant, she only tells her cousin Skyler about it. With little money and the address of a clinic in her bag, the two make their way to New York City. read more

No Hard Feelings

Release Date 24.09.2020 Parvis manouvers between the queer Hildesheim party scene and his liberal, Iranian suburban parental home with aplomb. When he does community service at a refugee home, he meets Amon and his sister Bana and starts roaming the streets with them over ... read more


Release Date 15.10.2020 In her documentary OECONOMIA, Carmen Losmann has made it her lofty objective to understand the global financial system and make it understandable to others. read more

Pelican Blood

Release Date 24.09.2020 A psychological thriller, drama, and radical motherhood portrait. Wiebke lives with her 9 year old adopted daughter Nikolina on an idyllic horse ranch and another child is joining the fold, but 5 year old Raya shows violent traits. read more

Schlaf – Sleep

Release Date 29.10.2020 Marlene is plagued by nightmares. With her daughter Mona she visits the hotel that she has seen in her sleep. read more

The Booksellers

Release Date 29.10.2020 In his documentary D. W. Young portrays predominantly New York bibliophiles who live for collecting and preserving old books. read more

The Secret Garden

Release Date 15.10.2020 A new adaptation of the fantastical youth novel. read more

Winter Journey

Release Date 22.10.2020 Georg Goldsmith and his wife fled Nazi Germany in 1941; he now lives alone in his house in Arizona. He had not spoken about the past for years until his son Martin confronts him with it and reconstructs his parents’ story. read more