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Deutschland 2014 | Peter Benedix

Cainele Japonez

Cainele Japonez | Rumänien 2013 | Drama | Tudor Jurgiu

Costache lost his wife, his house and indeed everything else, in the flooding. Hi son Ticu returns from Japan with his wife to help.

Capitaine Thomas Sankara

Schweiz 2012 | Documentary | Christophe Cupelin

An archival portrait by Thomas Sankara about the man who became the president of Burkina Faso at the age of 33 and who set out to transform the country and the people's way of thinking. There will be a conversation with Dipama Hamado (Munich) after ...


Drogówka | PL 2013 | Crime Drama | Wojciech Smarzowski

"Traffic police" was a sleeper hit in Poland in 2013 and attracted over a million cinema-goers – much to the discomfort of the local traffic police.

Dziewczyna z szafy

Dziewczyna z szafy | PL 2012 | Drama | Bodo Kox

Bodo Kox's feature debut film merges elements of reality and fiction in an utterly effective fashion.

Der Essayfilm – sichtbares Denken: Godard

Der Essayfilm – sichtbares Denken: Godard

Der Essayfilm – sichtbares Denken: Kurzfilmprogramm

Der Essayfilm – sichtbares Denken: Kurzfilmprogramm

Cuba, une odyssée africaine

Cuba, Une Odyssée Africaine | Ägypten/Frankreich 2007 | Documentary | Jihan El Tahri

When the medium of film expanded in the early 20th century, it was employed among other things for the purpose of promoting Europe’s “civilizing mission” on the African continent.

Laulu koti-ikävästä

Laulu koti-ikävästä | Schweden/Finnland 2012 | Documentary, Drama, Music Films | Mika Ronkainen

Finnish Rock has long been the hallmark of the guitarist Kai Latvalehto. Yet he doesn't feel like a 100% Finn since he spent his childhood in Sweden where his father earned his money as a migrant worker. The journey the two take together in a car to ...

Die große Evolution

D 2014 | Documentary | Matthias Luthardt

The film documents an encounter with a man who has stayed true to his credo in old age. He believes that art and philosophy will set us free and uncover the secrets of the world.


Deutschland 2001 | Liz Wieskerstrauch


Huba | PL 2014 | Drama | Anka Sasnal

Jeg er din

Jeg er din | Norwegen 2013 | Drama | Iram Haq

'I Am Yours' portrays an emotional unstable young woman who is caught between her own dreams, motherhood and family demands and has difficulty to find her own way.

Kinder der Konfettimaschine

BRD 1987 | Klaus Dörries, Rainer Grams

A documentary shot in the 80s about Eiszeit cinema.


Klumpfisken | Dänemark 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Søren Balle


L'abri | Schweiz 2014 | Documentary | Fernand Melgar

Liebe Erinnerung, Stammheim

D 2015 | Documentary, Drama

A reading with two actresses in front of images from Karsten Hein’s book “Das vierter Album” with film music by Claudia Fierke. An impressive and timeless walk though a part of German postwar history.

Love Building

Rumänien 2013 | Comedy | Iulia Rugină


Manpower | Israel 2014 | Drama | Noam Kaplan


Mirr | CH/K 2016 | Documentary, Drama | Mehdi Sahebi

Mohamed and Anna: In Plain Sight

D/IL 2017 | Biography, Documentary | Taliya Finkel


Nieulotne | PL / E 2012 | Drama, Love Stories | Jacek Borcuch

Ohne diese Welt

D 2017 | Documentary | Nora Fingscheidt

Paris nordusins

París Norðursins | Island 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson

Powrot Agnieszki H.

Powroty Agnieszki H. | PL/CZ 2013 | Biography, Documentary | Krystyna Krauze


Deutschland 2013 | Documentary | Lena Scheidgen


Palästina 2015 | Documentary | Kamal Al Jafari

Director Kamal Al Jafari uses material from films that were shot between 1960 and 1990 in Jafo.


Soldado | RA 2017 | Documentary | Manuel Abramovich

Tahqiq fel djenna

Tahqiq fel djenna | F 2017 | Documentary | Merzak Allouache

Vi är bäst!

Vi är bäst! | Schweden 2013 | Comic book movie, Drama, Music Films | Lukas Moodysson

Fucking Stockholm! In his new film, based on his wife Coco's graphic novel, Lukas Moodysson (Fucking Åmål) tells the story of three misfit teenage girls growing up in the early 80s in the Swedish capital.

Dos disparos

Dos Disparos | Argentinien/ Chile/ Deutschland/ Niederlande 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Martin Rejtman

16 year old Mariano is shot twice by accident and survives...

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