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Berlin – Ecke Bundesplatz: Mütter und Töchter

Deutschland 1986-2008 | Documentary, | Hans-Georg Ullrich, Detlef Gumm

Berlin – Ecke Bundesplatz: Vater Mutter Kind

Deutschland 2012 | Documentary, | Detlef Gumm, Hans-Georg Ullrich

Censored Voices

Deutschland/Israel 2015 | Documentary | Mor Loushy

In 1967 Israel was victorious in the Six-Day War against what seemed like an unbeatable coalition. The war resulted in substantial territorial gains for the country and found itself in the flush of victory. On the margins of the general euphoria, ...

The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills

Deutschland/USA/Polen 2015 | Drama | Marcin Malaszczak

Back when families still used to chronicle their lives in photo albums, the summer holidays were often followed by snapshots of Christmas Eve, the interim period slipping away imageless. The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills takes its ...

Festins imaginaires

Festins imaginaires | Frankreich/Belgien 2014 | Documentary | Anne Georget

Flotel Europa

Dänemark/Serbien 2015 | Documentary, Drama | Vladimir Tomic

18 possibilities of visualizing the world, 18 perspectives that focus on the intimate space of family and privacy and on power relations with their constructed representations. 18 films that serve as a chronicle of ongoing events, as archeology of ...

Food Chains

USA 2013 | Documentary | Sanjay Rawal

Food Chains reveals the human cost in our food supply and the complicity of the supermarket industry. Supermarkets earn $4 trillion globally and have tremendous power over the agricultural system. Over the past 3 decades they have drained revenue ...


USA 2013 | Documentary | Jeremy Seifert

GMO OMG is a documentary about a concerned father who wants to protect his children from genetically modified food's potentially dangerous side-effects. We still have time to save the planet, feed the world and live sustainably. But we have to start ...

I cavalieri della laguna

I cavalieri della laguna | Italien 2013 | Documentary | Walter Bencini

A human, poetic journey inside the Orbetello lagoon fishing community, using the fishermen’s stories to explore a new way of fishing and a philosophy of food production which cares about quality, the environment and people.


Jonathan | Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Piotr J. Lewandowski | 12

Jonathan’s father has terminal cancer, but seems to feel slightly better when Ron, a man Jonathan doesn’t know, suddenly turns up.

Jug-yeo-ju-neun Yeo-ja

Jug-yeo-ju-neun Yeo-ja | Republik Korea 2016 | E J-yong

Lao shi

Lao shi | Volksrepublik China / Kanada 2016 | Drama | Johnny Ma


D 2017 | Drama | Jana Bürgerlin


Großbritannien/Indien 2013 | Documentary | Kim Longinotto

Le semeur

Le semeur | Kanada 2013 | Biography, Documentary | Julie Perron

A portrait of artist and seed grower Patrice Fortier. His passion is preserving and propagating rare and forgotten seeds in order to restore vitality and variety to our agricultural heritage.

The Singhampton Project

Kanada 2014 | Biography, Documentary | Jonathan Staav

Strike a Pose

Niederlande/Belgien 2016 | Documentary | Ester Gould, Reijer Zwaan

The Sturgeon Queens

USA 2014 | Documentary, Comedy | Julie Cohen

The Culinary Cinema Goes Kiez: in THE STURGEON QUEENS, Julie Cohen extols the Jewish culinary tradition of a New York deli which has been in the same family for 101 years.


Variete | Deutschland 1925/2015 | Drama, Crime Drama, Love Stories | Ewald André Dupont

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