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Gespräch mit Sean Baker über seinen Film THE FLORIDA PROJECT


Interview mit Robert Eggers zu DER LEUCHTTURM

„Ich würde sagen, dass ich eine gewisse innere Ungemütlichkeit anstrebe“

American Psycho

USA/CDN 1999 | Literary Film Adaptations, Psychothriller | Mary Harron | 16

Lars von Triers Antichrist

Lars von Triers Antichrist | DK 2009 | Psychodrama | Lars von Trier | 18


USA 2018 | Action, Adventure, Comic book movie | James Wan | 12

An Australian-American action adventure film starring Jason Momoa.

Out of the Furnace

Out of the Furnace | USA/Großbritannien 2013 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Scott Cooper | 16

A star-packed film, this bleak revenge drama is about two brothers in a working-class steel town on the edge of the Appalachians.

Auto Focus

USA 2002 | Biography, Drama | Paul Schrader | 16

In 1965 radio dj Bob Crane becomes a tv star overnight. Fame has a dark side: he and his friend John Carpenter attempt to sleep with a different woman every night and capture it on camera it as well.

Do Donkeys Act?

CDN/IRL/GB 2017 | Documentary | David Redmon, Ashley Sabin

The Florida Project

USA 2017 | Drama | Sean Baker | 12 | Interview

Moonee lives in a hotel on the highway right before Disneyland with her 22 year old mother Halley. While the adults fight to survive, Moonee and her kid gang are having a great time.

Go Go Tales

USA 2007 | Comedy | Abel Ferrara

John Wick

USA 2014 | Action, Thriller | Chad Stahelski | 16

They killed his puppy, now he is coming to kill them. All of them!

Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait

USA 2017 | Documentary, Biography | Pappi Corsicato | oA

Pappi Corsicato made a portrait of his friend Julian Schnabel, the New York artist known for his large format artworks as well as his exuberant personality.

The Lighthouse

USA 2019 | Horror | Robert Eggers | 16 | Interview

THE LIGHTHOUSE, a film about two men whose assignment as lighthouse keepers on a lonely rock island takes longer than planned, till food and alcohol becomes scarce, pulls you into a sense of impending doom and doesn’t let up.

Mississippi Burning

Mississippi Burning | USA 1988 | Drama | Alan Parker | 16

Murder On The Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express | USA 2017 | Mystery, Crime Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Kenneth Branagh | 12

Kenneth Branagh directs the classic whodunit.

A Most Wanted Man

Deutschland/USA/Großbritannien 2014 | Thriller | Anton Corbijn | 12

Anton Corbijn's (CONTROL) adaptation of a thriller by John Le Carré takes place in contemporary Hamburg. Philip Seymour Hoffman in his last role plays the leader of a secret German spy unit who investigates a dubious Chechen refugee.

Motherless Brooklyn

USA 2019 | Crime Drama, Drama | Edward Norton | 12

Edward Norton‘s adaptation of Jonathan Lethem‘s exhillarating novel MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN is a good, solid noir film with a great jazz soundtrack.


Australien 2017 | Documentary | Jennifer Peedom | 6

New Rose Hotel

USA 1998 | Experimental film, Literary Film Adaptations | Abel Ferrara

Nymphomaniac 1

Nymphomaniac: Volume II | Deutschland/ Dänemark/ Frankreich/ Großbritannien/ Belgien 2013 | Drama | Lars von Trier | 16

The nymphomaniac Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) recounts her life story to a stranger (Stellan Skarsgård) in eight chapters. Part I describes her career as a nymphomaniac while Part II follows the older Joe and shows her descent into ever-deeper ...


Pasolini | F/B/I 2014 | Biography, Drama | Abel Ferrara

The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars | USA 2014 | Drama | Josh Boone | 6

16-year-old Hazel has been living with thyroid cancer for three years. She meets Augustus at a cancer support group. They fall in love and decide to travel to Amsterdam together to seek out the author of Hazel's favourite book.


Italien/Deutschland/Mexiko 2020 | Drama, Experimental film | Abel Ferrara | 16

Clint tends a bar in the snowy sticks of possibly Canada. But his journey leads him into himself, towards his past, his regrets and the women he loved.


Tommaso | Italien 2019 | Drama | Abel Ferrara | 12

Tommaso (Willem Dafoe) has decided to leave art behind and dedicates his time to being a house husband, but secretly the yearning for his old life keeps getting greater.

At Eternity's Gate

At Eternity's Gate | Großbritannien/Frankreich/USA 2018 | Biography, Drama | Julian Schnabel | 6

The best film about Van Gogh since Maurice Pialat‘s VAN GOGH (1991) and Robert Altman‘s VINCENT AND THEO (1990) depicts the artist as a pioneer of gestural painting and a forerunner of expressionist abstraction.

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters | Großbritannien 2017 | Action, Thriller, Crime Drama, Science Fiction | Tommy Wirkola | 16

A strict one-child rule has been introduced because the world population has exploded and resources are dwindling. The septuplets Monday, Tuesday, and so on pretend to be one person in order not to get caught.

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart | USA 1989 | Gangster Film | David Lynch | 16

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