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Ame Noire

Anime Nere | Italien 2014 | Animation, Short-film | Francesco Munzi

Anime Nere

Anime Nere | Italien 2014 | Drama | Francesco Munzi

It takes a while for ANIME MERE to get rolling but then an act of violence happens that is so horrible it leads to catastrophe.

The Peacock's Paradise

Il paradiso del pavone | Deutschland/Italien 2021 | Drama, Family Film | Laura Bispuri

In the ensemble film directed by Laura Bispuri, members of a large family reunite to celebrate their grandmother‘s birthday. A kind of family portrait.

Il Traditore - The Traitor

Il Traditore | Italien 2019 | Biography, Crime, Drama | Marco Bellocchio | 12

Former Sicilian mafia boss Tommaso Buscetta decides to go on record as a chief witness and discuss all the details about the “honorable society“. The resulting “Maxi trial“ took six years in a bulletproof room and resulted in the indictment ...

Daughter of Mine

Figlia Mia | Italien/Schweiz/Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Laura Bispuri

A fishing village in Sardinia: Vittoria was raised by her adoptive mother Tina while her living and mentally unstable mother Angelica didn‘t take care of her. When that changes, a relationship drama begins between the three women.

Smetto quando voglio: Ad honorem

Smetto quando voglio: Ad honorem | Italien 2017 | Action, Comedy, Crime Drama | Sydney Sibilia

Vergine giurata

Vergine Giurata | Italien/ Schweiz/ Deutschland/ Albanien/ Frankreich 2015 | Drama | Laura Bispuri | oA

Hana has chosen to live according to the law of the “Katun” that is still practiced in the remote regions of northern Albania as a “sworn virgin”, a man. When Hana, or Mark as she calls herself now, emigrates to Italy s/he has to once again ...

La pazza gioia

La pazza gioia | Frankreich/Italien 2016 | Tragicomedy | Paolo Virzì | 12

Kooky self-proclaimed countess Beatrice (Valeria Bruno Tedeschi) and quiet Donatella (Micaela Ramazotti) escape the psychiatric ward and go on an energetic road trip a la THELMA & LOUISE.

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