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InSyriated | Belgien 2017 | Drama | Philippe Van Leeuw | 12

The Yazan family and their neighbors are the last ones holding the fort in a Damascus apartment building that is surrounded by snipers. There’s a state of emergency outside, but there’s tablecloth on the kitchen table and the domestic worker has ...

Much Loved

Marokko/Frankreich 2015 | Drama | Nabil Ayouch

MUCH LOVED depicts the life and work of four Moroccan sex workers and touches upon many taboo subjects: family, shame, sexual harassment by the police, corruption, transidentity homosexuality, and deeply ingrained patriarchal structures.

Wolf and Sheep

Dänemark/ Frankreich/ Schweden/ Afghanistan 2016 | Drama | Shahrbanoo Sadat

The film is set in an Afghani village where the worlds of the girls and the boys are separated from each other and little Sediqa has to tend to the sheeps on her own because people say she‘s been cursed.

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