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Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Comedy | Nicolas Wackerbarth | oA

Vera is planning a remake of Fassbinder's THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT. One day before the shoot is about to start she still hasn't decided on her main actress...

The Girl and The Spider

Das Mädchen und die Spinne | Schweiz 2021 | Drama | Ramon Zürcher, Silvan Zürcher | 16

Mara and Lisa are giving up their flatshare which they share with one other roommate. Ramon and Silvan Zürcher depict what it‘s like for them to live together, in rooms and in relationships, with exacting images and a precisely composed rhythm.

Mein langsames Leben

D 2001 | Metropolitan Movie | Angela Schanelec

Orphea in Love

D 2022 | Drama | Axel Ranisch


Prelude | Deutschland 2019 | Drama, Music Films | Sabrina Sarabi | 12

19-year-old pianist David is accepted to a music academy and is on the verge of something great, but the pressure he puts on himself keeps getting bigger.

Songs of Love and Hate

CH 2010 | Drama | Katalin Gödrös


Deutschland/Schweiz 2013 | Drama | Petra Volpe | 12

Zurich. The whole city is preparing itself for Christmas. A number of the men and women scurrying around on Christmas Eve for their last minute shopping cross paths with Mia, a sex worker. A film about love, sex, and bourgeois hypocrisy.

Unter der Haut

Schweiz 2015 | Drama | Claudia Lorenz | 12

Alice, a tram driver in Zurich, lives for her family. When her husband Fran, an architect with excessive tendencies, falls in love with a man, she has to reassemble her life.

Das Unwort

D 2020 | Drama, Comedy | Leo Khasin

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