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Interview mit Omer Fast

„Das Unausgesprochene ist das Wichtige“


Großbritannien 2010 | Horror | Colm McCarthy

A beast prowles a county estate in Scotland. The witch Mary and her sun Fergal are persued by headhunters. Men´s bodies are tatooed with runes and unholy ritulas abound.


Deutschland/Großbritannien 2015 | Drama | Omer Fast | 16 | Interview

Tom gets hit on the head by an object that fell from the sky. After being released from the hospital, he receives 8.5 million pounds as compensation and uses the money to recreate the visions in his head. Everything has to be in place: cats on the ...


USA 2015 | Biography, Drama | Tom McCarthy | oA

In 2002 the Boston Globe’s investigative „Spotlight“ unit uncovers the sexual abuse of young community members by Catholic priests and the systematic decade-long cover-up by the Church.


Stillwater | USA 2021 | Drama | Tom McCarthy | 12

Bill Baker (Matt Damon) from Stillwater, Oklahoma regularly flies to Marseille, where his daughter is charged with killing her roommate.

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