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Battle of the Sexes

USA 2017 | Sportfilm, Comedy, Biography | Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris | oA

Following the formation of the Women's Tennis Association, Billie Jean King is challenged to a match by 55- year-old tennis buffoon Bobby Riggs. The match is marketed as a BATTLE OF THE SEXES. At the same time, King falls for stylist Marilyn.

Beautiful Boy

USA 2018 | Biography, Drama | Felix van Groeningen | 12

This intense melodrama, about a drug addicted son and his father who wants to help him, constantly switches back and forth between hope and despair.

The Big Short

USA 2015 | Drama | Adam McKay | 6

The misanthropic broker Michael Burry sees the big crash coming and starts taking out bets against the supposedly safe real estate market. When his colleagues smell the rat they want a share too.

Cafe Society

Cafe Society | USA 2016 | Drama, Comedy, Love-story | Woody Allen | 12

Woody Allen’s latest endeavor boasts a stellar cast including Jesse Eisenberg and Kirsten Stewart and takes viewers into L.A. and New York in the glamorous 1920s.


USA 2014 | Biography, Drama, Sportfilm | Bennett Miller | 12

Bennet Miller (MONEYBALL) tells the story of the freestyle ringer Mark Schultz, his brother and trainer Dave and their excentric multi-millionaire sponsor John Eleuthère du Pont as intense personal drama.


Freeheld | USA 2015 | Biography, Drama | Peter Sollett | 6

FREEHELD tells the true story of Laurel Hester who worked for the Ocean County police for 23 years when she was diagnosed with cancer and couldn´t transfer her pension benefits to her partner in case of her death – a routine procedure had she ...

Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 | USA 2017 | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda, Eric Guillon | oA

Animated film with Steve Carrell.


USA 2020 | Drama, Comedy | Jon Stewart | 6

Political satire by Jon Stewart about a mayoral election in a backwater Wisconsin town.


Vice | USA 2018 | Biography, Drama, History | Adam McKay

Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) was the most powerful vice president in the history of the US. He instigated a war based on falsified evidence and reinstated torture, calling it “enhanced interrogation.“ Adam McKay turns Cheney‘s story into a ...

Hope Springs

Hope Springs | USA 2012 | Comedy | David Frankel | 6

Welcome to Marwen

Welcome to Marwen | USA 2018 | Drama, Biography | Robert Zemeckis | 12

Based on the true-life story of Mark Hogancamp. WELCOME TO MARWEN describes how an artist recovered from a traumatic assault by projecting his anxieties and dreams into a world of dolls and models.

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