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Die Florence Foster Jenkins Stories

Großbritannien 2016 | Stephen Frears

Florence Foster Jenkins, the "world's worst singer," was a promising piano player in her youth but lost her musical ability due to a Syphilis related illness. Stephen Frears tells her life story as a feminist tragicomedy.

Florence Foster Jenkins

GB 2016 | Biography, Drama | Stephen Frears | oA

Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons | USA 1989 | Drama, Comedy | Stephen Frears | 16

High Fidelity

USA 2000 | Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Stephen Frears | 12

Tamara Drewe

Tamara Drewe | GB 2010 | Comedy | Stephen Frears | 12

My Beautiful Laundrette

My Beautiful Laundrette | GB 1985 | Drama, Comedy | Stephen Frears | 16


GB 2013 | Drama | Stephen Frears | 6

In Stephen Frears new film, the cynical journalist Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) and a charming elderly woman Philomena (Judy Dench) embark on a journey to find Philomena’s son, who she was forced to give up for adoption in the 1950s.

The Program

The Program | Frankreich/Großbritannien 2015 | Biography, Drama, Sportfilm | Stephen Frears | oA

THE PROGRAM tells the story of the biggest doping scandal to date very effectively if a tad removed. Ben Foster plays Lance Armstrong as he wins his first races, discovers doping, battles cancer, wins the Tour de France and is exposed as a fraud.

The Queen

The Queen | GB/I/F 2006 | Drama | Stephen Frears | 6

Victoria & Abdul

Großbritannien 2017 | Drama, Biography, Historical Film | Stephen Frears | 6

Stephen Frears (THE QUEEN) has made an amusing historical drama about the historically verified friendship between Queen Victoria and her Indian servant Abdul Karim.

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