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Délicieux | Frankreich 2021 | Drama, Historical Film | Éric Besnard | oA

Manceron the cook has to leave the court of Duc de Chamfort after a scandal. It‘s 1789 and the revolution is imminent. À LA CARTE tells its version of the establishment of the first restaurant in France.

Atomkraft Forever

Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Carsten Rau | oA

The last German nuclear power station is going to be phased out in 2022, but dismantling nuclear power plants takes decades. Carsten Rau documents the dismantling of the Greifswald nuclear power plant and meets opponents and supporters of nuclear ...

Sink or Swim

Le Gran Bain | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Drama, Sportfilm | Gilles Lellouche | 6

One day unemployed Bertrand discovers a notice at the local swimming pool: a men‘s synchronized swimming team is looking for new members, beginners welcome...

Bonnie and Bonnie

Bonnie und Bonnie | Deutschland 2019 | Love-story | Ali Hakim | 16

Wilhelmburgers Yara and Kiki are in love, but Yara has to keep it a secret because her father and brother Bekim adhere to conservative traditions. Nevertheless, the two young women fight for their love and for their right to a self-determined life.

The Booksellers

The Booksellers | USA 2019 | Documentary | D.W. Young | oA

In his documentary D. W. Young portrays predominantly New York bibliophiles who live for collecting and preserving old books.

Chaddr – Unter uns der Fluss

Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Minsu Park | oA

18 year old Tsangyang has been living in the “Lamdon School“ boarding school since she was 12. Her home village can only be reached by a path along the river Chaddr in the winter, but because of climate change the ice sheets of the river are ...

Dear Future Children

Deutschland/ Großbritannien/ Österreich 2021 | Documentary | Franz Böhm | 12

Filmmaker Franz Böhm and his team accompanied three activists on three continents in DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN: Rayan (22) fights for more equality in Chile, Hilda (22) founded Fridays for Future Uganda, and “Pepper“ demonstrates for more democratic ...

Trois jours et une vie

Trois jours et une vie | Frankreich 2019 | Drama, Crime Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Nicolas Boukhrieff | 12

Gaza Mon Amour

Palästina/ Frankreich/ Deutschland/ Portugal 2020 | Drama | Tarzan Nasser, Arab Nasser | 12

Gazan Arab Nasser and Tarzan Nasser depict a fairy-tale romance between shy fisherman Issa and widowed seamstress Siham.

Caught In The Net

V Siti | Tschechische Republik/Slowakei 2020 | Documentary | Barbora Chalupová, Vít Klusák | 16

A disturbing documentary experiment about “cybergrooming.“ Three very young looking actresses go online with fake profiles and pretend to be minors. During the ten day shoot, 2,458 men contact them.

The Mystery of Henri Pick

Le mystère Henri Pick | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy | Rémi Bezançon | oA

Cynical literary critic Jean-Michel is sceptical of the origin tale of the successful novel “The Last Hours of a Great Love“ - a Breton pizza chef Henri Pick is said to have written it in the back room of his pizzeria – and begins to ...

Glitter & Dust

Glitzer und Staub | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary, Sportfilm | Anna Koch, Julia Lemke | 6

Im Niemandsland

Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Florian Aigner | 12

After the fall of the wall, before reunification. While the family fights over their dispossessed home in the GDR, teenagers Katja and Thorben get closer.

In den Uffizien

Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Corinna Belz, Enrique Sánchez Lansch

In IN DEN UFFIZIEN, directing duo Corinna Belz and Enrique Sánchez Lansch take a filmic look behind the doors of the famous museum that is otherwise closed for visitors.

Olhando para as estrelas

Olhando para as Estrelas | Brasilien/USA 2016 | Documentary, Dance Film | Alexandre Peralta | oA

In the Brazilian mega city of São Paulo, Fernanda Bianchini founded the only professional ballet academy for people with visual impairments in the world. A documentary.


Deutschland 2017 | Drama | Anatol Schuster | 12

Introverted dreamer Manja meets brave, aloof Louk who unexpectedly kisses her.

Mon nom est clitoris

Mon Nom est Clitoris | Frankreich 2019 | Documentary | Lisa Billuart Monet, Daphné Leblond | 12

French-Belgian director Lisa Billuart-Monet and her French colleague Daphné Leblond interviewed 12 young women about intimate topics that infer social and structural problems.


Babyteeth | Australien 2019 | Drama, Comedy | Shannon Murphy

Henry and Anna are less than enthusiastic when they find out that their very talented and sick daughter Milla has fallen in love for the first time – with a young drifter and drug dealer Moses, of all people.


Babyteeth | Australien 2019 | Drama, Comedy | Shannon Murphy | 12

Henry and Anna are less than enthusiastic when they find out that their very talented and sick daughter Milla has fallen in love for the first time – with a young drifter and drug dealer Moses, of all people.

The World Before Your Feet

New York – The World Before Your Feet | USA 2018 | Documentary | Jeremy Workman | oA

Matt Green has been walking along the Hudson River for more than six years. He takes photographs, researches, and is amazed about the details. His goal is to walk in all the five boroughs of New York.

The Advantages of Travelling by Train

Ventajas de viajar en tren | Spanien 2019 | Black Comedy | Aritz Moreno | 16

Publisher Helga meets chatty psychiatrist Ángel Sanagustín on a train. His bizarre, convoluted stories lead to darker and darker places and ultimately to her husband, whom she just committed to a mental hospital.

Paris Calligrammes

Deutschland/Frankreich 2019 | Documentary, Essay Film | Ulrike Ottinger

La bonne epouse

La bonne épouse | Frankreich/Belgien 2020 | Comedy | Martin Provost | 12

Feminism is slowly introduced in a housekeeping school in a French province in the late 1960s.

The Vets

Les vétos | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy | Julie Manoukian

Cold, introverted Alex (Noémie Schmidt) wants to work in epidemological research. When her uncle, who suffers from heart disease, asks her for help, she quickly finds out that he actually wanted to put her up in the village vet practice.

Sebastian Jumping Fences

Sebastian springt über Geländer | Deutschland 2020 | Drama | Ceylan Ataman-Checa

Sebastian is a young, introverted man from Hannover. In his film debut, which is inspired by the Berlin School, Ataman-Checa takes a look at meaningful but also trivial moments from Sebastians youth and adolescence in three sections.


Deutschland/Niederlande/Polen 2020 | Drama | Carolina Hellsgård | 12

Berlin-based Swedish director and screenwriter Carolina Hellsgård links Claire‘s coming-of-age story with a Senegalese teenager who fled to southern Spain in SUNBURNED.

The Sunlit Night

Deutschland/Norwegen 2019 | Drama, Romance Films | David Wnendt | 12

When artist Fran gets the opportunity to paint artist Nils‘ shed in Lofoten over the summer, she is thankful for the unusual offer – anything to get away from New York! The romantic comedy thrives on weird and warm characters, imaginative decor, ...

Undir trenu

Undir trénu | Island/Dänemark/Polen/Deutschland 2017 | Comedy | Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson | 12

A tense black comedy under the bright Icelandic sun.

Lost Ones

Verlorene | Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Felix Hassenfratz | 16

VERLORENE, which director Felix Hassenfratz describes as a “modern anti-Heimat film“ shows that sexual abuse takes place everywhere, also behind well-behaved, Christian, provincial facades.

Walchensee Forever

Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Janna Ji Wonders | 6

Janna Ji Wonder‘s documentary about her own family takes her from Bavaria to the US, to Rainer Langhan‘s commune, and back to Walchensee.

White, white Day

Hvítur, Hvítur Dagur | Island/Dänemark/Schweden 2019 | Drama | Hlynur Pálmason | 12

An ex-policeman and widower renovates a house for his children‘s family, but gets more and more obsessed with the idea that his wife had an affair before she died. An Icelandic film without any frills.

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