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12 jours

12 jours | Frankreich 2017 | Documentary | Raymond Depardon

12 days – that is the period in which a psychiatric patient must get a court hearing after a involuntary hospitalization in France. Photographer and director Raymon Depardon documented 10 cases.

Sink or Swim

Le Gran Bain | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Drama, Sportfilm | Gilles Lellouche | 6

One day unemployed Bertrand discovers a notice at the local swimming pool: a men‘s synchronized swimming team is looking for new members, beginners welcome...

Carre 35

Carre 35 | Frankreich 2018 | Documentary | Eric Caravaca

Mal de pierres

Mal de pierres | Frankreich 2016 | Drama, Love Stories | Nicole Garcia | 6

Gabrielle gets married to a man she does not love in the 40s. She falls in love with a sick and handsome soldier while in a health resort. She writes him love letters for years and waits for him to come get her.

A Bigger World

Un Monde plus grande | Frankreich 2019 | Drama | Fabienne Berthaud | 12

Sound engineer Corine takes a job in Mongolia to escape her grief after losing her husband. While there she discovers she has the ability to go into a ritual trance.

Mon roi

Mon Roi | Frankreich 2015 | Drama, Love-story | Maïwenn | 12

In her intense drama French director/artist Maïwenn portrays a destructive relationship that neither Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot) nor Georgio (Vincent Cassel) seem able to leave.


Doubles Vies | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Drama | Olivier Assayas | 6

Olivier Assayas‘ new film is set in the bourgeois Parisian literary world. On the surface they talk about Google, AI, surveillance, and Big Data while relationships begin, end, and readjust in secret.

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