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Absolute Giganten

D 1999 | Drama | Sebastian Schipper | 6

Thoughtful, melancholy Floyd, loudmouthed but ever so sensitive Ricco, and good-natured, honest Walter spend their last night together in their hometown of Hamburg. Floyd is going off to sea the next day.

Coconut Hero

Deutschland 2015 | Tragicomedy | Florian Cossen | 12

Mike lives in a small Canadian Town. His life is by no means catastrophic but still he wants call it quits. When a tumor is discovered in his brain he is relieved – at first.


Drei | D 2009 | Comedy | Tom Tykwer | 12

Mitte Ende August

D 2009 | Drama | Sebastian Schipper | 6


Deutschland 2018 | Drama, Roadmovie | Sebastian Schipper | 6

18 year old Brit Gyllen steals a mobile home while on vacation and drives off, he wants to go to his father. He picks up young William from Congo who is looking for his brother in Calais.

I Am Here

I Am Here | DK/D 2014 | Drama | Anders Morgenthaler | 16

Businesswoman Maria is trying to fulfill her biggest wish: having a child. Her world collapses after yet another miscarriage and she develops a risky plan to get pregnant.


Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Sebastian Schipper | 12

The film shot in one single take follows young Spaniard Victoria during one night in Berlin. Victoria meets Sonne and his friends before going to a club. They go with the flow, drink their last beer and look down at the city from the rooftop. ...

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