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Amour Fou

Österreich 2014 | Drama | Jessica Hausner | 6

Inspired by the double-suicide of Heinrich von Kleist and Henriette Vogel, Jessica Hausner (HOTEL, LOURDES) recounts the love-death story as an extreme stylized and amusing experiment.


Exil | Belgien/Deutschland/Kosovo 2020 | Drama | Visar Morina | 12

Xhafer, an academic in his mid-40s who is of Bosnian origin suspects he is being mobbed at work. His wife thinks he is imagining things. EXIL is a slow burning psycho thriller.

Suck me Shakespeer 3

Fack Ju Göhte 3 | Deutschland 2017 | Comedy | Bora Dağtekin | 12

A German high school comedy.


D 2013 | Drama, Satire | Frauke Finsterwalder | 12

In Frauke Finsterwalder's Germany satire (with Corinna Harfouch, Ronald Zehrfeld and Sandra Hüller) the sum is always shining, children wear school uniforms, and the police are in bear costumes.

In the aisles

In den Gängen | Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Thomas Stuber

Love in a wholesale market microcosm: silent Christian starts a new job in the warehouse. His colleague Bruno shows him how to drive a forklift. Marion seems to like him, but she‘s married.

Schlaf - Sleep

Schlaf | Deutschland 2020 | Thriller, Drama | Michael Venus | 16 | NEW RELEASE

Marlene is plagued by nightmares. With her daughter Mona she visits the hotel that she has seen in her sleep.


Sibyl | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Drama | Justine Triet | 12

Psychologist Sybil wants to focus on writing again, but instead she gets more and more involved with the case of a young patient who reminds her of a past relationship of hers.

Toni Erdmann

Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Maren Ade | 12

Winfried is a friendly melancholic whose modus opperandi are silly practical jokes. His daughter Ines is a tough business woman, who isn’t laughing. TONI ERDMANN is a hilarious and sad portrayal of their fraught relationship.

Lose Myself (Vergiss mein Ich)

Vergiss mein Ich | Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Jan Schomburg | 12

A woman suddenly and unexpectedly loses her memory and has to re-learn emotions, relationships and social interaction. In the light of her complete memory loss, she has to reinvent and reimagine herself and starts a performance called identity.

Über uns das All

D 2011 | Drama | Jan Schomburg | 12

After her husband disappears Martha discovers how little she actually knew him. Instead of dealing with her loss, she starts meeting another man who unknowingly binds her to her past.

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