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Barbara | D 2012 | Drama | Christian Petzold | 6

Barbara tells the story of a young GDR doctor who gets disciplinarily transferred to a provincial hospital after applying for emigration. There is a semblance of hope, though: her lover from the West is preparing her escape via the Baltic sea.

Das Ende der Wahrheit

Deutschland 2019 | Thriller, Agentenfilm | Philipp Leinemann | 16

A shooting in an Arab pub is the starting point of this secret service thriller, in which a federal intelligence agent (Roland Zehrfeld) is dragged into a mire of conflicting interests.


D 2013 | Drama, Satire | Frauke Finsterwalder | 12

In Frauke Finsterwalder's Germany satire (with Corinna Harfouch, Ronald Zehrfeld and Sandra Hüller) the sum is always shining, children wear school uniforms, and the police are in bear costumes.

Im Angesicht des Verbrechens

D 2010 | Drama, Thriller | Dominik Graf


Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Christian Petzold | 12

Germany 1945/46. Holocaust survivor Nelly returns heavily disfigured to Berlin and searches for her husband Johnny. When she finds him Johnny doesn’t recognize her but he proposes a deal. Nelly is to pretend that she is his wife so that they can ...

Polizeiruf 110 – Cassandras Warnung

D 2010 | Crime Drama, | Dominik Graf

Rico, Oskar und der Diebstahlstein

Deutschland 2016 | Adventure, Comedy | Neele Leana Vollmar | oA

Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten

Deutschland 2014 | Action, Family Film, Comedy | Neele Leana Vollmar | oA

Rico is a not so talented 10-year-old from Berlin who lives with his mom. He befriends the highly talented Oscar and they start spending their free time together hunting down criminals.

Der Rote Kakadu

D 2005 | Drama, Love Stories | Dominik Graf | 12

A romance directed by Dominik Graf set in 1961.

The People vs Fritz Bauer

Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer | Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Lars Kraume | 12

THE PEOPLE VS FRITZ BAUER explores an episode in the life of Fritz Bauer, the Federal Prosecutor General, who was instrumental in the arrest and trial of Adolf Eichmann and who later initiated the Auschwitz trials.


Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Karoline Herfurth | 12

A German comedy about two women planning a robbery.

Lose Myself (Vergiss mein Ich)

Vergiss mein Ich | Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Jan Schomburg | 12

A woman suddenly and unexpectedly loses her memory and has to re-learn emotions, relationships and social interaction. In the light of her complete memory loss, she has to reinvent and reimagine herself and starts a performance called identity.

What might have been

Was gewesen wäre | Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Florian Koerner von Gustorf | 6

Paul and Astrid want to spend a romantic weekend in Hungary, but when Astrid recognizes one of the other hotel guests as her childhood sweetheart, the couple‘s trip turns into a trip to the past.

Between Worlds

Zwischen Welten | D 2014 | Drama | Feo Aladag

The first German feature film about the war in Afghanistan, BETWEEN WORLDS attempts a portrayal of the conflict’s complexity via two main characters, a German officer and an Afghan translator who risks his life by cooperating with the ISAF forces.

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