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Gifted | USA 2017 | Drama | Marc Webb | 6

A US custody battle drama with Chris Evans.

The Upside

USA 2017 | Comedy, Drama, Geschichte einer Freundschaft | Neil Burger | 6


USA 2016 | Thriller | Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost | 12

A social media thriller with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

The Way Back

The Way Back | USA 2020 | Drama | Gavin O'Connor | 12

Former baseball star whose career was wrecked by tragedy and alcohol gets the chance to face his demons and make good by coaching a young team.

The Front Runner

The Front Runner | USA 2018 | Drama, Biography | Jason Reitman | oA

An adaptation of Matt Bais novel All Truth Is Out with a fantastic cast about the rise and fall of two-time US presidential candidate Gary Hart who stumbled due to his extramarital affair in the late 80s.


USA 2015 | Drama | Roland Emmerich | 12

Homeless Danny Winters is swept up in the pivotal Stonewall Inn riots.


USA 2018 | Comedy | Jason Reitman | 12

Marlo‘s rich brother Craig treats her to a “night nanny“ while she‘s expecting her third child, the freewheeling, beaming student who always finds a way to gets by.

Wish I Was Here

USA 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Zach Braff | 6

Zach Braff’s tragicomedy WISH I WAS HERE is a follow-up to his indie cult hit GARDEN STATE. For this film he brings together a group of quirky and loveable everyday heroes.

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