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A Bigger Splash

Frankreich/Italien 2015 | Thriller | Luca Guadagnino | 12

Luca Guadagninos Version of SWIMMING POOL (1969) is set on the Italian Island Pantelerria, where a rock singer (Tilda Swinton) has retreated with her lover to heal from an operation on her vocal chords. When her ex-partner Harry and his daughter ...

In Bruges

In Bruges | GB 2007 | Gangster Film, Comedy | Martin McDonagh | 16

The English Patient

The English Patient | USA 1996 | Drama, Love-story | Anthony Minghella | 12

In a field hospital in Italy, a Canadian nurse is caring for a pilot who survived a plane wreck and cannot remember his name. A tragic romance set against the backdrop of WWII. Anthony Minghella directed this adaptation of Michael Ondaatje's novel ...

Grand Budapest Hotel

GB/D 2014 | Drama, Crime Comedy | Wes Anderson | 12

Of the filmmakers working today, Wes Anderson is certainly one of the more unconventional and visual of the bunch. His films depict bizarre, brightly coloured parallel worlds that become more detailed and eccentric each time. In his latest film, ...

No Time To Die

No Time To Die | USA/Großbritannien 2020 | Action, Thriller, Crime Drama, Agentenfilm | Cary Fukunaga | 12

Daniel Craig's fifth and final outing as the bonvivant spy. This time he is facing up to past trauma and chasing and new dastardly villain who is out to kill millions.

National Theatre London: Antony & Cleopatra

National Theatre London: Antony & Cleopatra | GB 2018 | Theater-Übertragung

The White Crow

The White Crow | Großbritannien, Frankreich 2018 | Biography, Drama | Ralph Fiennes | 6

Ballet dancer Rudolf Nurejew decides to seek political asylum in Paris in June 1961. A cat and mouse game with the Soviet secret service begins.

Schindler's List

Schindler's List | USA 1993 | Biography, Drama | Steven Spielberg | 12

Steven Spielberg's biography of NSDAP member Oskar Schindler who tried to to everything in order to save 1200 Jews.


CDN 2002 | Drama | David Cronenberg | 12

The Reader

The Reader | USA/D 2008 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Stephen Daldry | 12

Michael meets his first love again after many many years – when she‘s a defendant in a courtroom. He finds out about her personal fate and her horrific past as a concentration camp warden.

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