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The Death of Stalin

Großbritannien/Frankreich 2017 | Black Comedy, Historical Film, Satire | Armando Iannucci | 12

Armando Iannucci turns the political scramble surrounding the leadership after Stalin‘s death into a hilarious satire.

Quantum Of Solace

Quantum of Solace | USA/GB 2008 | Action, Agentenfilm | Marc Forster | 12

After being betrayed by the woman he loved, 007 is more determined than ever to uncover the truth. His research leads him to the mysterious Dominic Greene.

Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English strikes again | Großbritannien/Frankreich/USA 2018 | Comedy, Agentenfilm, Action | David Kerr | 6

A spy film parody with Rowan Atkinson.

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Spanien/ Großbritannien/ Frankreich/ Portugal 2018 | Adventure, Science Fiction | Terry Gilliam | 12

The production on Terry Gilliam‘s most recent film kept being disrupted by calamities and legal disputes. Almost 20 years after filming began, the film about a cynical ad executive and an old cobbler who believes he is Don Quixote in coming to the ...

A Perfect Day

Un dia perfecto | Spanien 2015 | Drama | Fernando León de Aranoa | 12

Bosnia after the civil war. NGO employees discover a body in the district’s last working well. They need to remove the body but rope is nowhere to be found.

La terre outragee

La Terre outragée | Frankreich/ Deutschland/ Polen/ Ukraine 2011 | Drama | Michale Boganim | 12

The Water Diviner: Son Umut

The Water Diviner: Son Umut | AUS/TR/USA 2014 | Drama, War Film | Russell Crowe | 12

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