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The Current War

The Current War | USA 2017 | Biography, Drama | Alfonso Gomez-Rejon | 6

A chronicle of the competition between T.A. Edison and N. Tesla and the electrical systems they represented.

The Favourite

Irland/Großbritannien 2018 | Drama, History, Comedy | Yorgos Lanthimos | 12

No one has filmed malice, lies, deception as wonderfully as Yorgos Lanthimos has in THE FAVOURITE in a long time.

Kill Your Friends

Großbritannien 2015 | Comedy, Crime Drama, Thriller | Owen Harris

Steven Stelfox is an unscrupulous A&R manager in the pop business who is constantly stoned, cynical and arrogant – and on a downward spiral with bursts of extreme violence. A poisonous, satirical look at the music industry.

Mad Max: Fury Road

USA 2015 | Action, Thriller | George Miller | 16

Mad Max cannot forget his wild past and decides that his odds of surviving is best if he is alone. As luck would have it, he manages to get mixed up with a group of refugees in a truck with elitist head Furiosa at the wheel. The group escaped from a ...

Those Who Wish Me Dead

USA 2021 | Thriller | Taylor Sheridan | 12


USA 2019 | Biography, Drama | Dome Karukoski | 12

Dome Karukoski‘s biopic of intellectual and language lover Tolkien focuses on his early biography – the orphan‘s school days and Tolkien‘s experience in World War I.

True History of the Kelly Gang

AUS / F / GB 2019 | Drama | Justin Kurzel

Dark Phoenix

USA 2018 | Action, Comic book movie, Fantasy | Simon Kinberg | 12

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