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Happy as Lazzaro

Lazzaro | Italien/ Schweiz/ Frankreich/ Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Alice Rohrwacher | 12

Alice Rohrwacher has made a modern sacred story, a parable of oppression, absent resistance, the desire for submission, and group mentalities.

High Life

High Life | Großbritannien/ Frankreich/ Deutschland 2018 | Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror | Claire Denis | 16

In Claire Denis‘ science fiction film a prison spaceship is racing towards a black hole. On board, Dr. Dibs (Juliette Binoche) conducts fertility experiments and lives out her desires in a “fuckbox“ while Monte (Robert Pattinson) remains ...

Tour de France

Frankreich 2016 | Comedy | Rachid Djaidani | 12

Serge Desmoulins (Gérard Depardieu), a mason and Front National supporter with a passion for painter Joseph Vernet and Far’Hook (Sadek), a taciturn Parisian hip hop star, reluctantly go on a trip together through several French port cities.


Week-ends | Frankreich 2014 | Drama | Anne Villacèque

For thirty years couples Christine and Jean and Sylvette and Ulrich have been spending their holidays in their adjoining summer cottages in Normandy. Only the tides seem to change here… until early one morning Jean leaves Christine.

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