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As We Were Dreaming

Als wir träumten | Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Andreas Dresen | 12

Adapted from the bestseller by Clemens Mayer, in AS WE WERE DREAMING Dresen tells the story of a group of young friends in Leipzig just after the fall of the Wall. The group of youth is driven by something between having fun with their newfound ...

Araf - Somewhere in Between

Araf | Deutschland/Frankreich/Türkei 2012 | Drama | Yesim Ustaoglu

In ARAF the director Yesim Ustaoglu shows with precision the narrow latitude in which working-class youth can move. The lives of women especially are under constant surveillance. The young men may have more leeway, yet they have military service, ...


Tereddüt | Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Polen/ Türkei 2016 | Drama, | Yesim Ustaoglu

Sehnatz embodies the dream of a perfect, liberal, middle-class life. Elmas was married off to a much older man by her parents. CLAIR OBSCUR is about the obvious differences of two Turkish women – and the less obvious similarities.

Gold – Du kannst mehr als du denkst

D 2012 | Documentary | Michael Hammon

Das Hotelzimmer

Deutschland 2014 | Rudi Gaul

A psychological game filled with traps and red herrings.

Timm Thaler oder das verkaufte Lachen

Deutschland 2017 | Adventure, Family Film | Andreas Dresen | oA

Timm Thaler is very poor but he loves to laugh. His smile is so charming that demonic baron Lefeut wants to own it. The richest man in the world makes Timm an immoral offer.

Zwingli – Der Reformator

Schweiz 2019 | Drama | Stefan Haupt | 12

An opulent biopic about the life of the Swiss reformer.

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