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The Peacock's Paradise

Il paradiso del pavone | Deutschland/Italien 2021 | Drama, Family Film | Laura Bispuri

In the ensemble film directed by Laura Bispuri, members of a large family reunite to celebrate their grandmother‘s birthday. A kind of family portrait.

L'echange des princesses

L'échange des princesses | Frankreich 2017 | Historical Film | Marc Dugain

1721, Versailles. In order to keep the peace in Europe, the French monarch and Spanish King decide to marry off four children – French heir to the throne Louis XV (11) married infant Maria Anna Victoria (4) and the monarch‘s daughter Louise ...

L'uomo che verrà

L'uomo che verrà | I 2009 | Drama | Giorgio Diritti

Alceste a bicyclette

Alceste à bicyclette | Frankreich 2013 | Comedy | Philippe Le Guay | oA

The famous actor Serge Tanneur has quit acting. His old colleague Valence Gauthier tries to convince him to perform in Moliére’s play “The Misanthrope.” A highly amusing duel between two theatre lovers, egomaniacs, and misanthropes ensues.

Des etoiles

Des étoiles | Frankreich/Senegal 2013 | Drama | Dyana Gaye | 6

Over one winter, through the cities of Dakar, Torino and New York, we follow the exiled paths of several interconnected characters.

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