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100 Dinge

Deutschland 2018 | Comedy | Florian David Fitz | 6

A German buddy comedy.

Der Architekt

Der Architekt | D 2008 | Drama | Ina Weisse | 12

Frau Ella

D 2013 | Comedy | Markus Goller | oA


D 2009 | Drama, Comedy | Markus Goller | 6

Der geilste Tag

D 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Florian David Fitz | 12

Andi and Benno are going to die soon and leave town one last time. After thousands of kilometers they realize that they are looking for something completely different.


Österreich/Luxemburg 2021 | Drama, Crime Drama | Stefan Ruzowitzky | 16

In 1920, former detective Perg and his troop return to Vienna from imprisonment after the lost war. The past catches up with Perg when a brutal series of murders kill his wartime friends. Digitally added backgrounds of slanted, falling city ...

Hot Dog

Deutschland 2017 | Action, Comedy | Torsten Künstler | 12

An action comedy with Til Schweiger, Matthias Schweighöfer, and Heino Ferch.


D 2007 | Comedy | Til Schweiger | 12

Journalist Ludo has written a trumped up gossip story and is sentenced to 300 hours at a nursery. Anna, the head of the nursery, takes an immediate disliking to him but he still tries to get her interested.

The House of Magic

The House of Magic | Belgien 2013 | Adventure, Animation | Ben Stassen, Jeremy Degruson | oA

Trying to find shelter during a storm, Thunder an abandoned young cat stumbles into a strange house. An old magician gladly takes him in. But not all in the house are happy about the new addition.


Russendisko | D 2011 | Comedy | Oliver Ziegenbalg | 6

In the summer of 1990, three young Russians, Wladimir, Mischa and Andrej take advantage of the period of upheaval in Eastern Europe to move to Germany. They land in East Berlin and dream of a new life and in make the best out of every corner in the ...


D 2013 | Comedy | Matthias Schweighöfer | 6

Vier gegen die Bank

Vier gegen die Bank | D 2016 | Crime Comedy | Wolfgang Petersen | 12

A German crime comedy directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

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