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Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Mazedonien/ Kosovo 2015 | Drama | Visar Morina | 12

10 year old Nori follows his father from Kosovo to Germany in Visar Morina’s unsentimental debut.

Die Einsamkeit des Killers vor dem Schuss

Deutschland 2014 | Crime Comedy | Florian Mischa Bröder | 12

Koralnik is a contract killer for the EU. Yet he's been waiting for eight years to get his first contract. When the professional killer meets Rosa, it just so happens that on his first date with her he gets the phone call.


Exil | Belgien/Deutschland/Kosovo 2020 | Drama | Visar Morina | 12

Xhafer, an academic in his mid-40s who is of Bosnian origin suspects he is being mobbed at work. His wife thinks he is imagining things. EXIL is a slow burning psycho thriller.

Hüter meines Bruders

Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Maximilian Leo | 16

Gregor and Pietschi are brothers with completely different lifestyles. When Pietschi disappears, Gregor begins searching for his brother and gets more and immersed in Pietschis life.


Deutschland 2018 | Drama, Roadmovie | Sebastian Schipper | 6

18 year old Brit Gyllen steals a mobile home while on vacation and drives off, he wants to go to his father. He picks up young William from Congo who is looking for his brother in Calais.

The Strange Sound of Happiness

Lo strano suono della felicità | Italien/Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Diego Pascal Panarello | oA

Director Diego Pascal Panarello visits the best jawharpist in the world in a small village in Yakutia.

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