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Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Mazedonien/ Kosovo 2015 | Drama | Visar Morina | 12

10 year old Nori follows his father from Kosovo to Germany in Visar Morina’s unsentimental debut.

Blind & Hässlich

Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Comedy | Tom Lass | 12

Just before her graduation, Jona escapes to go live with her blind cousin in Berlin. She pretends to be blind herself so she can get a room in her cousin’s assisted living facility. During her stay she meets Fredi who has social phobias but opens ...

The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills

Deutschland/USA/Polen 2015 | Drama | Marcin Malaszczak

Back when families still used to chronicle their lives in photo albums, the summer holidays were often followed by snapshots of Christmas Eve, the interim period slipping away imageless. The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills takes its ...


Polen 2013 | Drama | Marcin Malaszczak

Most of this film is shot in a psychiatric hospital in the Polish town of SIENIAWKA. Director Marcin Malaszczak is less interested in a classic portrayal of an institution as he is in a filmic exploration of different states of consciousness. An ...

Spuren – Opfer des NSU

Spuren – Opfer des NSU | Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Aysun Bademsoy | 12

Nine men with a migrant background were murdered by right-wing terrorists, the so-called NSU, between 2000 and 2007. In this empathetic documentary, director Aysun Bademsoy accompanies and interviews the loved ones of three murder victims: Mehmet ...

Der traumhafte Weg

Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Angela Schanelec | 12

Summer vacation. A break-up. A spilled wine glass. A shoe. Angela Schanelec lets her images convey life paths, or rather moments. Radical jumps steer the concentration to the almost tactile materiality of her filmic cosmos.

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