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Bad Boy

Polen 2020 | Crime, Drama, Sportfilm | Patryk Vega | 18


Drogówka | PL 2013 | Crime Drama | Wojciech Smarzowski

"Traffic police" was a sleeper hit in Poland in 2013 and attracted over a million cinema-goers – much to the discomfort of the local traffic police.

Francuski numer

Francuski numer | PL 2006 | Crime, Comedy | Robert Wichrowski

Listy do M.

Listy do M. | PL 2011 | Comedy, Love Stories | Mitja Okorn


Oblawa | PL 2012 | Drama, War Film | Marcin Krzysztalowicz

World War II Poland. The protagonist is corporal Wydra, a partisan member who isn’t only fighting the German occupiers and Polish collaborators but his own past as well.


Obywatel | Polen 2014 | Drama | Jerzy Stuhr

The actor Jerzy Stuhr has made a name for himself as a director in the last 15 years. His work carries his typical signature – it oscillates between comedy and tragedy, and treat everyday things as large-scale events.

Planeta singli

PL 2016 | Comedy, Romance Films | Mitja Okorn

Romantic comedy about a confident telly presenter and a timid teacher unable to find love. Starting off as a project for him, they soon see more in each other.


Poklosie | PL/RUS 2012 | Drama, History, Thriller | Wladyslaw Pasikowski

A Polish drama dealing with the Nazi era.

Polizeiruf 110 – Tod einer Journalistin

D 2019 | Crime Drama, | Stephan Rick

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