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1 Berlin-Harlem

Deutschland 1974 | Drama, Crime Drama | Lothar Lambert, Wolfram Zobus

A black GI in West Berlin quits the US army and moves in with his white girlfriend. They have a falling out after he quarrels with her family. He finds work, a new place to live but he encounters racism on a daily basis.

Alle meine Stehaufmädchen – Von Frauen, die sich was trauen

Deutschland 2009 | Documentary | Lothar Lambert

Die Alptraumfrau

D 1980 | Biography, Drama | Lothar Lambert

DIE ALPTRAUMFRAU is about a Berliner in her early 30s who is going through a difficult crisis and finds herself in the process.

Blond bis aufs Blut

D 1996 | Comedy | Lothar Lambert

Anyone who has been to the Berlinale and seen people being photographed has already met Erika Rabau. The petite blonde photographer, who never reveals her age, has managed to always get the best shooting spots ever since she became the official ...

Carl Andersens Underground der Liebe

Österreich 2015 | Documentary | Gerry Jindra, Martin Nechvatal

A documentary about Carl Andersen alias Karl Brazda, a underground cinema kingpin and a master of depressing-philosophical underground porn who committed suicide in berlin at age 54.

Erika, mein Superstar – Filmen bis zum Umfallen

Deutschland 2013-2015 | Biography, Documentary, Porträt | Lothar Lambert

A portrait of photographer Erika Rabau, the official Berlinale photographer since the early 70s who has made an appearance in almost all of Lothar Lambert’s film since TIERGARTEN in 1979.

Fräulein Berlin

BRD 1982 | Drama, Comedy | Lothar Lambert

Berlin underground star Ulrike S. went to the Toronto Film Festival and then to New York to find out something about the film business and also about her own desires, daydreams and nightmares.

Fucking City

Fucking City | D 1981 | Comedy, Sexfilm | Lothar Lambert

Four Berliners try to find love, sex, and fulfillment in the divided city.

Ich bin, Gott sei Dank, beim Film!

Deutschland 2003 | Documentary | Lothar Lambert

Im tiefen Tal der Therapierten

D 2008 | Lothar Lambert

A film chock-full of neurotics: a woman passed her prime gives radio advice while regularly seeking a psychiatrist herself due to her troubled life: constant quarreling with her alcoholic, controlling mother, a brother who doesn’t leave the house ...

In Haßliebe Lola

D 1994 | Tragicomedy | Lothar Lambert

The aging drag queen Lola L. has it bad for the much younger Hasim against his better judgement. Bitterly disappointed by love, he needs to come to grips with his life.

Lost and Found in Underground: Lothar Lambert's Psycho City

Deutschland 2012 | Documentary | Silvia Lindner, Michael Sittner

The life, works, and passion of Lothar Lambert - from 2008 to 2011 a small film team visited Lothar Lambert, his infamous "Lambert-Family", as well as friends, enemies, and critics of the gay director...

Oben rum, unten rum. Lamberts gesammelte Einakter

Oben rum, unten rum. Lamberts gesammelte Einakter | Deutschland 2008-2019 | Short-film Programme | Lothar Lambert

Director Lothar Lambert has filmed in Berlin for over 50 years. Now he has compiled some of the footage and turned it into a cheerful documentary compilation album.

Ritter der Risikorunde

Deutschland 2012 | Documentary | Lothar Lambert

Der sechste Sinn

Der sechste Sinn | Deutschland 1984 | Comedy | Dagmar Beiersdorf, Lothar Lambert | 16

So wahr ich liebe – Intime Bekenntnisse zweier Underground-Heroinen

D 1996 | Documentary | Lothar Lambert

Und Gott erschuf das Make-Up

D 1998 | Tragicomedy | Lothar Lambert

Verdammt in alle Eitelkeit

D 1999 | Comedy | Lothar Lambert

A dodgy filmmaker from Austria nestles himself in a cheap Berlin joint and makes a film. He probably doesnt have film in his camera and just wants the surreal society around him to unveil themselves.

Verdammt nochmal Berlin – Fucking City Revisited

Verdammt nochmal Berlin – Fucking City Revisited | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Lothar Lambert | 16

Filmmaker Lothar Lambert reviews his Berlin underground films and compares film locations back then and now.

Zurück im Tal der Therapierten

D 2011 | Satire | Lothar Lambert

Continues the story of “Im tiefen Tal der Therapierten.“ This time it revolves around a psychiatrist, his wife, and two patients. An a lipstick killer who lurks around causing trouble.

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