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Dinosaurier – Gegen uns seht ihr alt aus

D 2009 | Comedy | Leander Haußmann

The film is about a well-behaved retiree and a wily conman, who, together with their senile gang in the old-age home, work out an ingenious plan to go up against a seemingly all-powerful bank.

Hai-Alarm am Müggelsee

D 2013 | Comedy | Leander Haußmann, Sven Regener | 12

Friedrichshagen am Müggelsee has a problem: The lifeguard's bitten off hand is an indication that there is a shark in the water. Those responsible for the beach area develop a plan to deal with the situation.

Berlin Blues

Herr Lehmann | D 2003 | Comedy | Leander Haußmann | 12

An adaptation of Sven Regener's novel. In the last days of divided Berlin, occasional barkeeper Herr Lehmann is drifting through the pubs and streets, uncertain what the third decade of his life will bring.


D 2005 | Comedy | Leander Haußmann | 6

Henrik Heidler has to serve in the army and only wants one thing: to survive the next year and a half in the NVA (GDR Army) unscathed. He meets Krüger who does not gel well with authority.

Das Pubertier – Der Film

D 2017 | Comedy | Leander Haußmann | 6

A comedy based on a Jan Weller novel.

Robert Zimmermann wundert sich über die Liebe

D 2008 | Comedy | Leander Haußmann | 12


Deutschland 1999 | Documentary | Leander Haußmann

Leander Haußmann's "Sonnenallee" is set in 1970s East Berlin. A comedy about a group of friends growing up on the "wrong" side of the Sonnenalle, right next to a border crossing.


Sonnenallee | D 1998 | Comedy | Leander Haußmann | 6

Easy-going comedy about growing up in 1970's East Berlin: Falling in love for the first time, getting drunk, listening to prohibited records and trying to decide whether or not to join the army or the Stasi after school.


Deutschland 2022 | Comedy | Leander Haußmann | 12

Today he‘s a novelist, in the GDR he was a hero of the resistance. Ludger Fuchs applies to look at his Stasi file – and unveils parts of his life that he has suppressed.

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