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Sink or Swim

Le Gran Bain | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Drama, Sportfilm | Gilles Lellouche | 6

One day unemployed Bertrand discovers a notice at the local swimming pool: a men‘s synchronized swimming team is looking for new members, beginners welcome...

Avant l'hiver

Avant l'hiver | Frankreich 2013 | Drama | Philippe Claudel | 12

Paul (Daniel Auteuil), a neurosurgeon, is being followed by a young Moroccan waiter named Lou. He starts receiving anonymous bouquets of flowers. Philippe Claudel’s unconventional combination of thriller, marriage drama, and a critical picture of ...

Chanson douce

Chanson douce | F | Drama, Crime Drama | Lucie Borleteau

Nous trois ou rien

Nous trois ou rien | F 2015 | Tragicomedy | Kheiron | 12

Tehran, the early 1970s. When the political pressures become too much, Hibat and his wife Fereshteh have no other choice but to flee abroad. They arrive to the social ghetto in the Parisian Banlieue with their 1 year old son Nouchi.

The Restless

Les intranquilles | Belgien/Frankreich/Luxemburg 2021 | Drama | Joachim Lafosse | 12

Damien has bipolar phases. Leila fights hard for the stability of her husband and their family. The actors convey a convincing gentleness and joy towards each other and also the latent aggression and confidence crises.

La source des femmes

La source des femmes | Belgien/Italien/Frankreich 2011 | Drama, Comedy | Radu Mihăileanu

A film set in North Africa about a group of women who go on a "love strike."

Un homme presse

Un homme pressé | Frankreich 2019 | Drama, Tragicomedy | Hervé Mimran | oA

Fabrice Luchini is fantastic in the role of top executive Alain Wapler who has to rebuild his life after having a stroke that has led to some brain damage and cause him to make surreal verbal mistakes.

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