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Blumhouse' Freaky

Blumhouse' Freaky | USA 2020 | Thriller, Horror, Comedy | Christopher Landon | 16

A timid highschool student swaps bodies with a serial killer. Only 24 hours remain before the exchange becomes permanent. From the director of HAPPY DEATH DAY.

Free Fire

Frankreich/Großbritannien 2016 | Action, Comedy | Ben Wheatley | 16

Gangsters meet for an arms deal, a petty matter leads to a fight, one person fires followed by everyone firing. Minimalist 70s retro gangster film in the vein of Johnny To’s THE MISSION and Tarantino’s RESERVOIR DOGS.

Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary | USA 2019 | Horror, Literary Film Adaptations | Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer | 16

Thirty years after Mary Lambert's film adaptation of King’s novel, PET SEMATARY rises again. But something is off about it.

High Rise

High Rise | USA 2015 | Action, Drama, Science Fiction | Ben Wheatley | 16

Neurosurgeon Dr. Laing buys an apartment in a posh brutalist high-rise. When the buildings facilities fail, an orgy of violence ensues. A wild adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s cult novel.


Overlord | USA 2018 | Action, Horror, Mystery | Julius Avery | 16

A US war film about D-Day.


Großbritannien 2013 | Black Comedy, Love-story, Roadmovie | Ben Wheatley | 16

Stan & Ollie

Großbritannien/USA/Kanada 2018 | Drama, Geschichte einer Freundschaft, Biography | Jon S. Baird

When Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy embark on a theater tour across Britain in 1953, their glory days seem to be behind them and their artistic relationship is also strained.

The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide

USA 1972 | Horror, Science Fiction | Lee Raymond

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