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Interview mit Joachim Trier zu LOUDER THAN BOMBS

„Man muss etwas zurücklassen, um weitermachen zu können“

Tobias Lindholm über A WAR

„Ich wollte die Realität ihres Alltags erzählen“

Am 13.10. startet Andrea Arnolds neuer Film AMERICAN HONEY. Wir werfen einen Blick auf ihr bisheriges Werk.

"What's the Story Morning Glory?": Die Filme von Andrea Arnold

Interview mit Sally Potter zu THE PARTY

„Im Grunde ist mir jede Ausrede recht, um in Schwarzweiß drehen zu können.“

Adam & Evelyn

Adam & Evelyn | Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Andreas Goldstein | oA

In the summer of 1989 Adam and Evelyn flee from the GDR and find themselves in a Bed & Breakfast behind the Austrian border.

Veins of the World

Die Adern der Welt | Deutschland/Mongolei 2020 | Drama | Byambasuren Davaa | oA

After his father has an accident, 12 year old Amra takes on the role of the resistance leader against the mining giant that threatens to displace the Mongolian nomads.

All My Loving

Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Edward Berger | 12

Stefan, Julia und Tobias are siblings. They are all experts in not talking about the things that really matter.

Hors normes

Hors Normes | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Drama | Eric Toledano Olivier Nakache | 6

Bruno Haroche and his colleagues support teenagers who are labeled as hopeless cases by the authorities. Olivier Nakache und Éric Toledano‘s (THE INTOUCHABLES) new film.

Als Paul über das Meer kam

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Jakob Preuss | 6

Jakob Preuß is in the process of shooting a film about the borders of the European Union and meets the young Cameroonian Paul in one of the Camps in Morocco, where refugees wait for a chance to cross the wall to the Spanish enclave of Mellila.

American Honey

USA/Großbritannien 2016 | Tragicomedy | Andrea Arnold | 12 | Interview

In her first American movie Andrea Arnold (RED ROAD, FISH TANK) follows a bunch of dirt-poor twentysomethings on a hypnotic and meandering road trip headed towards nowhere in particular.

Ein Atem

Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Christian Zübert | 12

Elena from Greece needs to earn money. Tessa from Germany is looking for a nanny. Their paths cross in unexpected ways in Christian Zübert’s drama.


Berdreymi | Island/ Dänemark/ Schweden/ Niederlande/ Tschechische Republik 2022 | Drama | Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson | 16

Growing up can be exhilirating, overwhelming, magical and nightmarish all at once. Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson captures all of this in his second feature film BEAUTIFUL BEINGS and engagingly portrays a group of teens living in a suburb of ...

The Big Short

USA 2015 | Drama | Adam McKay | 6

The misanthropic broker Michael Burry sees the big crash coming and starts taking out bets against the supposedly safe real estate market. When his colleagues smell the rat they want a share too.

Night Shift

Police | Frankreich 2020 | Drama | Anne Fontaine | 12

Three crisis-ridden police officers are meant to escort an immigrant without a residence permit to the airport.

So long, my son

Di jiu tian chang | China 2019 | Drama | Xiaoshuai Wang | 6

A Chinese family epic spanning three decades. The private and the political meld together at a time of constant change.

Bis wir tot sind oder frei

Schweiz 2020 | Drama | Oliver Rihs | 16

Swiss escape king Walter Stürm is known all over town in the 80s. When activist and lawyer Barbara Hug takes on his case, a turbulent romantic relationship develops between them.

Breakdown in Tokyo – Ein Vater dreht durch

Breakdown in Tokyo – Ein Vater dreht durch | Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Comedy, Music Films | Zoltan Paul

When Lászlo Kovács latest feature film comes to nothing, he decides to film a documentary about his son's rock band touring Japan. It's not a particularly bright idea.

Breaking News in Yuba County

Breaking News in Yuba County | USA 2021 | Comedy, Crime Drama, Drama | Tate Taylor | 16


Kardeşler | Türkei/Deutschland/Bulgarien 2017 | Drama | Ömür Atay

After four years in juvenile detention, Yusuf gets out of jail and is just 17. His big brother wants to drag him into crime again, but Yusuf flees from the family and the memories of his crime.

Bruder Schwester Herz

Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Tom Sommerlatte | 6

Franz feels good in the countryside, his sister Lilly yearns to leave and begins an affair.

Cafe Belgica

Cafe Belgica | Belgien/Frankreich 2015 | Drama | Felix van Groeningen | 12

When Jo asks his brother Frank to help out in his small bar, Frank, who is about to be a father again and bored with the prospect, is intrigued. Together they turn the bar into a successful club and soon every night becomes a party.

Cafe Waldluft

Cafe Waldluft | Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Matthias Koßmehl

„Café Waldluft“ in the Bavarian alps used to be a tourist hotspot. When business began to dwindle the hotel turned into a home for refugees.

The Cakemaker

Israel/Deutschland 2017 | Drama | Ofir Raul Graizer | oA

Israeli Oren is drawn to Café Kredenz in Berlin. They have the best Black Forest cake. And cakemaker Thomas happens to work there.

Captain Fantastic

USA 2016 | Drama | Matt Ross | 12

The Cash Family lives in a cabin in the Pacific Northwest, as far away from capitalism, commodity fetishism, and the evils of “The Man” as they can get. When Ben’s wife Leslie dies, Ben is forced to travel to mainstream America with his kids.

Chris the Swiss

Schweiz 2018 | Documentary | Anja Kofmel

Chris Würtenberg was first a war reporter in South Africa, then in Kosovo. He wanted to find out the backgrounds of the conflicts and loved the thrill. He died at 27 under unknown circumstances. 20 years later his cousin, filmmaker Anja Kofmel, ...

The Climb

USA 2019 | Comedy, Drama | Michael Angelo Covino | 6

US screenwriter, director, and protagonist Michael Angelo Covino shows a male friendship in eight chapters that has highs and many, many lows through the years – and yet still survives.


Cobain | Niederlande/Belgien/Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Nanouk Leopold | 16

Cobain is 15 and has an ambivalent relationship to his mother and that isn‘t surprising considering Mia is usually high on heroin or completely hammered., yet he doesn‘t want to give up on her like everyone who knows Mia does.

Mordene i Kongo

Mordene i Kongo | Norwegen 2018 | Drama, Crime Drama | Marius Holst

Congo, 2009. Two Norwegians are hunted by the military. They‘re accused of murder, theft, illegal possession of firearms, and espionage. The case leads to a political and diplomatic crisis in Norway.


Contra | Deutschland 2020 | Comedy | Sönke Wortmann | 12

A student with Arab roots and a racist professor have to work together. A remake of the French comedy LE BRIO.

Dark Blood

USA/Großbritannien/Niederlande 2012 | Drama, Thriller | George Sluizer | 12

In 1993 River Phoenix died of an overdose while filming DARK BLOOD. The film remained unfinished, is now available with commentary by director George Sluizer standing in for the missing scenes.

Das Wetter in geschlossenen Räumen

Deutschland / Österreich 2015 | Isabelle Stever

Dorothea is an aid worker in some Arabic country, but she mainly drinks herself through the parties and receptions and invites men up to her hotel room. When gigolo Alec wants more, Dorothea has a problem.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society | USA 2018 | Drama, Historical Film, Romance Films | Mike Newell | 6

The letters of pig breeder Dawsey have lured Juliet to Guernsey where she uncovers the secret of the “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society“. A historical romance.

Der Vollposten

Quo vado? | Italien 2016 | Gennaro Nunziante

Checco has a comfortable arrangement at his job at the Hunting and Fishing Department. The administrative reform hits him hard but he won’t give up his civil servant status, no matter where he’s transferred to.

A German Party

Eine Deutsche Partei: A German Party | Deutschland 2022 | Documentary | Simon Brückner | 12

In his documentary, which works with no commentary, director Simon Brückner accompanies "Alternative für Deutschland"-officials from 2019 to 2021.

The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao

A vida invisível de Eurídice Gusmão | Brasilien 2019 | Drama | Karim Ainouz | 12

Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s. 18-year-old Euridice Gusmão dreams of a career as a pianist, while her older sister Guida ogles men. When she runs off with a sailor, the sisters begin a search for each other which will span many decades.


Deutschland/Belgien 2017 | Documentary | Reiner Holzemer | oA

In March of this year fashion designer Dries Van Noten presented his 100th show in Paris Bercy. The documentary follows the Belgian as he prepares for the event and also gains some access into his private life.


USA 2019 | Drama | Andrew Ahn

Director Andrew Ahn gently shows how three lonley people – single parent Kathy, her 8 year old son Cody, and Del, a veteran from the neighboring property – get closer to each other in an American suburb.

Egal was kommt

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary, Roadmovie | Christian Vogel | 6

Former TV writer Christian Vogel travelled around the world on a motorcycle. He also flew from time to time.

Gracious Night

Yö Armahtaa | Finnland 2020 | Drama | Mika Kaurismäki

Heikki‘s bar has been closed in the pandemic, like all public spaces in Helsinki. But then Risto, who is looking for solace and wine at his friends, knocks on the door. And eventually Juhani joins as well, who actually just wanted to charge his ...

El clan

El clan | Argentinien/Spanien 2015 | Biography, Drama, Crime Drama | Pablo Trapero | 16

Buenos Aires in the early 80s. The Puccio family seem well-respected on the outside, but behind the bourgeois facade father Arquímedes, who once worked for the Junta, has a flourishing business kidnapping and blackmailing.

The Etruscan Smile

The Etruscan Smile | USA 2018 | Drama | Mihal Brezis, Oded Binnun | 6

Arthur Cohn’s adaptation of the Spanish bestselling novel transports the story about a grumpy old guy finds unexpected joy in spending time with his small grandson from Milano to San Francisco.

Farewell Ha Long

Farewell Ha Long | Vietnam/Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Duc Ngo Ngoc | oA

Vietnam-born German director Duc Ngo Ngoc depicts the fate of the citizens of the floating villages in Halong Bay who had to resettle and give up their lives as fishermen and residents in 2014.

Les chaises musicales

Les chaises musicales | Frankreich 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Marie Belhomme | oA

A charming French summer comedy about a 39-year-old entertainer, Pauline, who accidentally puts a man in a coma and starts caring for him, his son Arsène, and his dog Spleen.

The Father

Großbritannien/Frankreich 2020 | Drama | Florian Zeller | 6

Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) is a distinguished old man who lives alone in his spacious apartment, but he‘s having more and more glitches. French director Florian Zeller portrays the mental decline from the subjective perspective of the afflicted.

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday | Großbritannien 2021 | Drama | Eva Husson | 12

Great Britain, 1924. The Niven family lost four boys to the war. Their last son, Paul, is about to get engaged with a girl of their circle. He meets for the last time with Jane who he truly loves.


Israel/Deutschland/Frankreich 2017 | Drama | Samuel Maoz | 12

The news of the death of their son Jonathan who was in the army plunges Tel Avivi architect Michael and his wife Dafna into a vortex of grief, disbelief – and unrestrained anger.

Frau Stern

Deutschland 2019 | Tragicomedy | Anatol Schuster | 12

Mrs. Stern survived a concentration camp, but she doesn‘t want to live anymore at age 90. No one wants to sell her a weapon. A Berlin black comedy for which Ahuda Sommerfeld won the Max Öphuls Prize for Best Actress.

Der Funktionär

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary, Essay Film | Andreas Goldstein | 6

Andreas Goldstein‘s father was Klaus Gysi, publishing manager, ambassador, state secretary, and the cultural minister of the GDR from 1966 to 1973. For Andreas Goldstein he was a father he barely knew.

The Old Man & the Gun

The Old Man & The Gun | USA 2018 | Comedy, Crime Drama, Drama | David Lowery | 6

Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford) is a friendly older gentlemen with an unusual hobby: he likes to rob banks. He isn‘t doing it to supplement his pension. It‘s all about the thrill, the feeling of being alive.


Belgien 2018 | Drama | Lukas Dhont | 12

Lara seems like a normal teenager but she‘s got it especially tough because she came into the world as Victor. This makes her doggedly buckle down on her passion, dancing, all the more.

Hymyilevä mies

Hymyilevä mies | Schweden/Finnland/Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Sportfilm | Juho Kuosmanen | 6

The newly in love Finnish boxer Olli Mäki gets a unique opportunity: a professional match against the reigning featherweight world champion, American Davey Moore.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Großbritannien 2017 | Biography, Drama | Simon Curtis

The A. A. Milne biopic is mostly about how the Winnie the Pooh books were created and also mentions the dark sides of Milne‘s life.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Großbritannien 2017 | Biography, Drama | Simon Curtis | 6

The A. A. Milne biopic is mostly about how the Winnie the Pooh books were created and also mentions the dark sides of Milne‘s life.

Le grand bal

Le Grand Bal | Frankreich 2018 | Documentary | Laetitia Carton | oA

A documentary about a 7-day dance festival.


USA 2018 | Drama, Comedy, Action | Nash Edgerton | 16

Harold (David Oyelowo), a middle-aged employee of a pharmaceutical company is headed to Mexico. A big deal is supposed to happen there that catapults squeaky clean Harold into being at the center of a criminal scheme.

Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas

Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas | Deutschland/Schweden/Finnland 2017 | Documentary | Joakim Demmer | oA

Swedish documentarian Joakim Demmer researched the agrarian ventures in Ethiopia funded by the EU, the DFID, and the World Bank for 6 years. These ventures led to the clearing of the biggest national park in the world and to the displacement of ...

The Green Lie

Die grüne Lüge | Österreich 2018 | Documentary | Werner Boote | oA

In his new documentary film Werner Boote (PLASTIC PLANET) tackles "greenwashing".

Grüße aus Fukushima

Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Doris Dörrie | 12

Young German Marie flees to Japan. She wants to make people in Fukushima smile by working with the Clowns4Help organization. Instead, she meets stubborn old Satomi and moves into her house in the restricted zone.

Guns Akimbo

GB/D/NZ 2018 | Action, Comedy | Jason Lei Howden | 16

Halla Halla

Hallå hallå | Schweden/Norwegen 2014 | Comedy | Maria Blom | oA

Disa, a kind-hearted nurse, is still obsessed with her ex-husband and seems to always be getting the short end of the stick at work. When she meets easy-going singledad Kent who is single with several kids, her life begins to change.


Hap | Norwegen/Schweden 2019 | Drama | Maria Sødahl | 12

Anja is finally where she wants to be. But on the day before Christmas a shocking diagnosis fractures her life: the old cancer has spread and metastases has formed in her brain. She only has a few months left.

Riders Of Justice

Retfærdighedens ryttere | Dänemark 2020 | Comedy, Drama | Anders Thomas Jensen | 16

Taciturn soldier Markus (Mads Mikkelsen) joins forces with a mathematician, his assistant, and a socially disturbed hacker to hunt down gangsters.

Here We Move Here We Groove

Niederlande 2020 | Documentary, Music Films | Sergej Kreso | oA

DJ Robert Soko, who came from ex-Yugoslavia to Berlin, embarks on a journey across Europe in search of new musical influences.

Hundraettäringen som smet frän notan och försvann

Hundraettåringen som smet från notan och försvann | Schweden 2016 | Comedy | Måns Herngren, Felix Herngren | 12

DER HUNDERTEINJÄHRIGE is an adventure film adapted to fit the established scheme: there are historical, fanciful flashbacks, Allan’s age-related confusion makes for harmless fun, and instead of elephant lady Sonja there’s a capuchin on board.

Irrational Man

USA 2015 | Drama, Comedy, Thriller | Woody Allen | 12

In Woody Allen’s new film, a professor of philosophy finds himself in an existential crisis until he meet the young student Jill and starts doing very irrational things.


USA/China/Chile 2016 | Biography, Drama | Pablo Larrain | 12

Pablo Larraín’s detailed account of the assassination of John F. Kennedy takes the perspective of his deeply traumatized widow Jackie.


L'Odyssée | Frankreich 2016 | Adventure, Biography | Jérôme Salle | 6

Jérôme Salle gives nature documentarian and difficult character Jacques-Yves Cousteau the biopic treatment from the perspective of Philippe, his estranged son.

Jean Ziegler: l’optimisme de la volonte

Jean Ziegler, l'optimisme de la volonté | Frankreich/Schweiz 2016 | Documentary | Nicolas Wadimoff | oA

Documentarian Nicolas Wadimoff follows Swiss communist, friend of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, chauffeur to Che Guevera, sociology professor, and best-selling author Jean Ziegler in his travels and enganges him in discussions.

Alone in Berlin

Alone in Berlin | Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Großbritannien 2016 | Biography, Drama, Historical Film | Vincent Perez | 12

An adaptation of the novel with the same title by Hans Fallada. Berlin 1940: When his only son dies in the war, Otto Quangel begins his personal campaign against Hitlerism. He encounters friends, foes, and collaborators in his tenement block.

Juliet, Naked

USA 2018 | Comedy, Drama, Music Films | Jesse Peretz | oA

Annie's relationship with the eternal fanboy Duncan has been stale for a while. Then she meets the object of Duncan's adoration, the obscure singer/songwriter Tucker Crowe.


Österreich 2019 | Comedy | Elena Tikhonova | 12

Austrian grotesquerie about Russian oligarchs, gigantic blueprints, lots of bribes, and a chaotic trio of women who want to sabotage the deal.


Miekkailija | Deutschland/Finnland/Estland 2015 | Drama, Sportfilm | Klaus Härö | oA

In the 1950s the Russian dissident and famous fencer Endel Nelis relocates from Moscow to a small Estonian seaside town and begins to work as a teacher. After a bumpy start he starts a fencing school for the local kids.

King Richard

USA 2021 | Biography, Drama, Sportfilm | Reinaldo Marcus Green

Richard Williams (Will Smith) has carefully planned out the tennis careers of his two daughters Venus (Saniyya Sidney) and Serena (Demi Singleton). Nevertheless, Richard scandalizes the rich, white upper class ball sport world.

König hört auf

Deutschland 2022 | Documentary | Tilman König | 12

In the GDR, Jena youth pastor Lothar König was surveilled by the Stasi. Since the reunification, he has been involved against right-wing extremism. Tilman König accompanies his father for three years and shows him as a pugnacious, uncomfortable ...


Köpek | Schweiz/Türkei 2015 | Drama | Esen Işik | 12

In KÖPEK (engl. „Dog“) Esen Işık tells three extreme stories about life in Istanbul. There is the transsexual Ebru, the quiet housewife Hayar, and little Cemo.

Kundschafter des Friedens

Deutschland 2016 | Comedy | Robert Thalheim | 6

Former East German agents Jochen Falk, Jaecki, Locke and Harry are reactivated 27 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall in order to free West a German agent in Kajekistan.


Belgien/Luxemburg 2018 | Drama, Historical Film | Thomas Vinterberg | 12

Thomas Vinterberg (THE HUNT) made a film about Russian submarine “Kursk“ that was damaged in a maneuver in 2000 and sank to the seabed with 118 crew members.


En corps | Frankreich 2022 | Tragicomedy | Cédric Klapisch | 12

After an injury, ballet dancer Elise is unsure of whether she can keep dancing. Elisa travels to the countryside to clear her mind and heal her body and meets an artist group. Cedric Klapisch‘s new film.

The Last Berliner

Der letzte Mieter | Deutschland 2019 | Thriller | Gregor Erler | 16

Gregor Erler has made an impressive, tough genre film: Dietmar has spent half his life in his Berlin apartment that is now supposed to get renovated. When the new broker goes to Dietmar‘s apartment, the situation escalates.

Last Film Show: Chhello Show

Last Film Show | Indien/USA/Frankreich 2021 | Drama | Pan Nalin | 12

Nine year old Samay uses every opportunity to slip into the “Galaxy“ and befriends film projectionist Fazal. A declaration of love to cinema.

The Trouble With You

En liberte! | Frankreich 2018 | Crime Comedy | Pierre Salvadori | 16

The husband of policewoman Yvonne put young innocent Antoine in prison, now she wants to help him with his re-integration in an incognito way...

Step by Step

Patients | Frankreich 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Mehdi Idir, Fabien Marsaud | 6

After an accident, Benjamin is mostly paralyzed and has to get used to his new limitations. His friends and his irony help him. Director Fabien Marsaud alias Grand Corps Malade knows what he‘s talking about.


Italien/Frankreich 2018 | Drama, Biography, Comedy | Paolo Sorrentino | 12

Paolo Sorrentino's portrait of a sleazy mogul, who closely resembles Silvio Berlusconi, is a bitter reckoning with his home country's political system.

Louder Than Bombs

Dänemark/Frankreich/Norwegen 2015 | Drama | Joachim Trier | 12 | Interview

Three years ago renowned war photographer Isabelle Reed (Isabelle Huppert) has died in a car crash. A retrospective of her works forces her husband and her two sons to confront the past.

Gesu no ai

Gesu no ai | Japan 2015 | Tragicomedy | Eiji Uchida | 16

Tetsuo, once celebrated for his first indie film, earns his money as a porn star, and runs a third rate acting school. Filmmaker Eiji Uchida sold his record collection to finance this hilarious no-budget comedy about the rotten core of filmmaking.

Luca tanzt leise

Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Philipp Eichholtz | 12

Director Philipp Eichholtz describes his film about Berliner Luca, who wants to make up her Abitur, as a small love letter to those whose biggest battle is waking up every day.

Mantra – Sounds Into Silence

Mantra – Sounds Into Silence | Spanien/ Frankreich/ Griechenland/ Indien/ Russland/ Großbritannien/ USA 2017 | Documentary | Georgia Wyss, Wari OM | oA

More and more people are discovering “chanting“ or singing meditation. Goergia Wyss visited the followers and artists and filmed a euphoric and uncritical documentary about the movement.

Maria by Callas

Frankreich 2017 | Documentary, Biography, Music Films | Tom Volf

Tom Volf‘s documentary on Maria Callas relies on the opera singer‘s own words. The film shows footage of her performing but mostly focuses on a BBC interview that Callas gave towards the end of her career and private recordings read by Fanny ...

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent | USA 2022 | Comedy, Crime Drama | Tom Gormican

Nicolas Cage plays Nick Cage, a washed-up actor who wants to end his career. Before that, he takes on one more lucrative entertainment job – which involves the drug mafia and the CIA.


Kanada/Irland 2016 | Drama | Aisling Walsh | 12

A love story and an artist portrait: to avoid being cared for by her aunt, Maud begins to work for Everett, a gruff hermit. Tending to the household is not her thing, she prefers painting naïve colorful paintings.

Mein Sohn

Deutschland 2020 | Drama | Lena Stahl | 12

After Jason‘s skateboard accident, his mother Marlene drives him to a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland, but before that they visit a friend with a farm in the Czech Republic, where different lifestyles collide.

My Cabinets Of Wonder

Meine Wunderkammern | Deutschland 2021 | Documentary, Children's Film | Susanne Kim | oA

Every child has places where they feel at home or where they make their wishes – their “cabinets of wonder.“ Leipzig director Susanne Kim accompanied a number of children and made a film together with them.

La melodie

La Mélodie | Frankreich 2016 | Comedy, Drama, Music Films | Rachid Hami | oA

Professional violinist Simon has to take on a job as a music teacher in the Parisian banlieues. Students are disinterested – only Albert practices on the roof of his social housing complex until he has the complicated moves down pat.

Microbe et Gasoil

Microbe et Gasoil | Frankreich 2015 | Youth Film, Comedy | Michel Gondry | 6

When school outcast Daniel meets gifted inventor Theo a dream team is born. The boys construct a bizarre vehicle – part car, part house – and go on a road trip across France in their summer holidays.

It is not over yet: Det er ikke slut endnu

It is not over yet: Det er ikke slut endnu | Dänemark 2021 | Documentary | Louise Detlefsen | oA

A portrait of a Danish home for people with dementia which focuses on attentive care rather than medication.

Un profil pour deux

Un profil pour deux | Deutschland/Frankreich/Belgien 2017 | Romance Films, Comedy | Stéphane Robelin | oA

Grumpy widower Pierre lives alone in his Parisian apartment. His daughter sends him his granddaughter’s boyfriend, Alex, to cheer him up and teach him about the online world. Pierre registers himself on a dating portal – with Alex’s photo and ...

David Bowie: Moonage Daydream

David Bowie: Moonage Daydream | USA 2022 | Documentary, Music Films | Brett Morgen | 12

Director Brett Morgan (COBAIN: MONTAGE OF HECK) rooted through the immense archive of video and audio footage of David Bowie and created a unique 140-minute-collage, a trip through the life of the recording artist.

Moris from America

Morris from America | Deutschland/USA 2016 | Drama, Comedy, Love Stories | Chad Hartigan | 12

13-year-old Morris has trouble adjusting to his new surroundings after moving with his father from New York to the much smaller and very German town of Heidelberg.

Military Wives

Military Wives | Großbritannien 2019 | Drama, Comedy | Peter Cattaneo

Peter Cattaneo‘s (THE FULL MONTY) new feel-good movie is about British military wives who start a choir while their husbands are overseas.


Ága | Bulgarien/Deutschland/Frankreich 2018 | Drama | Milko Lazarov | 6

Nanouk and his wife Sedna live in the uninhibited ice desert of the Siberian north. Their hearts are with their daughter AGÁ, who lives far away in the city and works in a gold mine.

Ein nasser Hund

Deutschland 2020 | Drama | Damir Lukacevic | 12

When Soheil (Doğuhan Kabadayı) moves to Wedding, his religion isn‘t really important to him. In his secular Iranian home, they don‘t practice Judaism . This changes when his Muslim friends find out that he‘s Jewish.

Narodni trida

Národní třída | Deutschland/Tschechische Republik 2019 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Štěpán Altrichter | 16

“Peace,“ according to Czech ex-cop Vandam, “is just the break between two wars.“


Frankreich/ USA/ Argentinien/ Spanien/ Chile 2016 | Biography, Drama | Pablo Larrain | 12

Poet and political activist Pablo Neruda has to go into hiding. Police chief Peluchonneau is hot on his trail but Neruda is always a step ahead in this phantasmagoric cat and mouse game.


Frankreich/ USA/ Argentinien/ Spanien/ Chile 2016 | Documentary | Pablo Larrain

Poet and political activist Pablo Neruda has to go into hiding. Police chief Peluchonneau is hot on his trail but Neruda is always a step ahead in this phantasmagoric cat and mouse game.

No Name Restaurant

Nicht ganz koscher: No Name Restaurant | Deutschland 2021 | Comedy | Stefan Sarazin, Peter Keller | 6

A chain of events takes New York Jew Ben to the Sinai desert, where Beduin Adel comes to his aid.

Nichts passiert

Schweiz 2015 | Comedy | Micha Lewinsky | 12

When things go really wrong on a skiing trip Thomas’ manoeuvers to avoid conflict get him into ever more trouble.

Kamera o tomeru na!

Kamera o tomeru na! | Japan 2017 | Horror, Comedy | Shinichiro Ueda | 16

A film team encounters real zombies while filming a zombie film. One of the most entertaining and surprising genre films in recent years.

Delete History

Effacer l'historique | Frankreich/Belgien 2020 | Comedy | Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern | 12

Online trading, cyber bullying, a sex tape gone out of control – three neighbors are having problems with their online lives and decide to go up against the internet giants.

Onoda: 10.000 Nights in the Jungle

Onoda, 10 000 nuits dans la jungle | Tunesien/ Frankreich/ Deutschland/ Belgien/ Italien 2021 | Drama, War Film | Arthur Harari

In 1945 Lieutenant Hiro Onoda receives an order to stay on a Philippine island, come what may. His unit is scattered, the US Americans have left, the war is over, but Onoda believes he still has to occupy the island – until 1974.

The Outfit

USA 2022 | Crime Drama, Drama | Graham Moore

Brit Leonard‘s (Mark Rylance) tailor shop is used as a dead drop by a gangster organization. The tailor soon finds himself caught in the crossfire of rival gangs.

Paolo Conte – Via con me

Paolo Conte – Via con me | Italien 2020 | Documentary | Giorgio Verdelli | oA

Paolo Conte composed Italy‘s unofficial anthem “Azzurro“ for Adriano Celentano and sang in his raspy voice himself later on. In VIA CON ME director Giorgio Verdelli gives him a tribute.

The Party

Großbritannien 2017 | Tragicomedy | Sally Potter | 12 | Interview

Janet has been elected as the health minister in the shadow cabinet of the British House of Commons and is throwing a party to celebrate. But nothing goes as planned. A lively farce with biting dialogue and an excellent cast.

Patti Cake$

Patti Cake$ | USA 2017 | Drama, Music Films | Geremy Jasper | 12

Patti Cake$ alias Killa Palias Patricia Dombrowski dreams of having a hip hop career, but for now she‘s still working at a karaoke bar in New Jersey.

Out Stealing Horses

Ut og stjaele hester | Norwegen/Schweden/Dänemark 2019 | Drama | Hans Petter Moland | 12

After the death of his wife, Trond hides away in a secluded hut on the edge of the woods and just wants to be alone. But then a childhood friend stands on his doorstep and reminds him of a summer 50 years ago...


Kanada/Grossbritannien 2020 | Science Fiction, Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | Brandon Cronenberg | 18

An innovative body horror film directed by David Cronenberg‘s son Brandon Cronenberg. Agent Tasya Vos assassinates people while inhabiting the bodies of selected hosts. The job is wearing her down.

Promising Young Women

USA/Großbritannien 2020 | Drama, Thriller, Crime Drama | Emerald Fennell | 16

Every Saturday night Casssandra (Carey Mulligan) pretends to be a helpless young woman – in order to get back at the men who want to use her.


Proxima | Frankreich 2019 | Drama, Thriller | Alice Winocour | 6

Sara is part of an international crew that is preparing a mission to Mars. Saying goodbye to her daughter is difficult and the pressure in the male team mounts the closer they get to the countdown.

Rabbi Wolff

Deutschland 2016 | Biography, Documentary | Britta Wauer | oA

Willy Wolff trained to be a Rabbi when he was 53. Now he is 88 and still practicing, constantly moving between his London home and his parishes in Rostock, Schwerin and Wismar, as well as between Berlin, Tel Aviv and Brooklyn.

Ramen Teh

Ramen Teh | Singapur/Japan/Frankreich 2018 | Drama | Eric Khoo | oA

When his father dies Japanese ramen chef Masato goes to Singapore searching for a part of his family he never knew.


Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Philipp Hirsch | 12

A mysterious guy online offers a return to the “roots.“ Five strangers in their early 20s meet in the forest, but some of them seem more like they‘re fleeing than searching.

Rise Up!

Rise Up! | Deutschland 2022 | Documentary | Marco Heinig, Steffen Maurer, Luise Burchard, Luca Vogel | 12

RISE UP is a portrait of five activists: Kali Akuno fights against racism in Jackson, Shadia Issel fought against Apartheid in South Africa, Camila Cárcers organizes feminist demonstrations in Chile, Judith Brabant was a part of the citizen‘s ...

Rockabilly Requiem

Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Till Müller-Edenborn | 12

Germany, early Eighties. Sebastian and his best friend Hubertus love rockabilly and dream of freedom, but the stuffiness of their small town is beginning to get to them.


Rojo | Argentinien 2018 | Drama, Thriller | Benjámin Naishtat | 12

In 1976, shortly before the military coup in Argentina, a churlish hippie who was in conflict with a government consultant disappears. Benjamin Naishat thematizes the fall of his country‘s society again.

Ruben Brandt, Collector

Ruben Brandt, a gyujto | Ungarn 2018 | Animation, Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | Milorad Krstic

A psychotherapist is haunted by works of art, so expert thieves are hired to steal the images haunting him.

Der sechste Kontinent

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Andreas Pichler

The “House of Solidarity“ in Brixen, South Tyrol offers 50 people a home – homeless people, refugees, the unemployed, and addicts.

Shut Up and Play the Piano

Deutschland/Großbritannien 2018 | Documentary, Biography, Music Films | Philipp Jedicke | oA

Punk and a pianist, provocateur and pop star: opinions about Chilly Gonzales tend to greatly differ. A portrait.

Sibirisch für Anfänger

YT | Russland 2021 | Drama, Tragicomedy | Stepan Burnashev, Dmitrii Davydov

YT portrays the everyday stories of a remote village in the tundra. Dumb ideas, often fuelled by vodka, always leading to small and big catastrophes.

A Monster calls

USA/Spanien 2016 | Drama, Fantasy | Juan Antonio Bayona | 12

The melancholy fairy tale by US author Patrick Ness has been impressively brought to life by Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE). The way our hero deals with the imminent loss of his mother is the template for the fantastical ...

Smuggling Hendrix

Zypern 2018 | Comedy, Drama | Marios Piperides | 6

The starting off point of Marios Piperides‘ debut is just as absurd as the real border situation in his homeland. Musician Yiannis is about to leave Cyprus when his dog runs to the Turkish side of the island – and animals can‘t legally cross ...

Dive: Rituals in Water

DIVE: Rituals in Water | Island 2019 | Documentary | Elín Hansdóttir, Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir, Hanna Björk Valsdóttir | oA

The documentary about the Icelandic baby swimming club founder Snorri Magnússon deals with the scientific findings on early childhood education on the side, but mostly observes small children as they swim, dive, and splash around.


Deutschland/Großbritannien 2021 | Drama, Biography | Pablo Larrain | 12

Larraìn‘s Diana portrait focuses on the last joint Christmas that Diana had with the English royal family on the Sandringham estate in 1991.

Die stillen Trabanten – Dark Satellites

Die stillen Trabanten – Dark Satellites | Deutschland 2022 | Drama | Thomas Stuber | NEW RELEASE

The third collaboration between author Clemens Meyer and director Thomas Stuber is a film about their hometown Leipzig, about the margins of the boomtown, the losers of the reunification, who just keep going.


USA 2017 | Crime Comedy, Mystery | George Clooney | 16

SUBURBICON tells the story of the disintegration of a model family and a model suburb in 1950s America from the prespective of a young boy. The screenplay is written by the Coen brothers and the film is directed by Goerge Clooney.


USA 2016 | Biography, Drama | Clint Eastwood | 12

Clint Eastwood tells the spectacular tale of the emergency landing of flight 1549 on the Hudson River from the perspective of down-to-earth pilot “Sully” Sullenberger played by Tom Hanks with calm integrity.

Sunset Over Hollywood

Sunset over Mulholland Drive | Deutschland 2018 | Documentary, Film about film-making | Uli Gaulke | oA

They were once the backbone of Hollywood, but they never stood in the limelight: director Uli Gaulke portrays residents of a Hollywood nursing home, the “Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital“.

Tel-Aviv On Fire

Tel-Aviv On Fire | Luxemburg/Belgien/Israel/Frankreich 2018 | Comedy | Sameh Zoabi | 6

Arab soap opera “Tel Aviv on Fire“ in which a Palestinian spy falls in love with an Israeli general is popular on both sides of the border. This is a problem for Salam, who is suddenly given responsibility for the show and is hassled by fans ...

Träume sind wie wilde Tiger

Deutschland 2021 | Geschichte einer Freundschaft | Lars Montag | 6

Ranji dreams of a career in Bollywood, but his parents want to start a life in Germany. He wants to apply for a gig with Bollywood star Amir Roshan behind their backs.

The Keeper

Trautmann | Deutschland 2018 | Biography, Drama, Romance Films | Marcus H. Rosenmüller | 12

At 22, German paratrooper Bernd Trautmann is held captive by the British and is discovered as a football talent. He plays in Manchester City as the first “kraut“ in the post-war era.


Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Susanne Kim | oA

A group of senior citizens learns to swim. For some it’s the fulfillment of a long cherished wish, for others it’s about overcoming an old fear.


TrustWho | Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Japan/ Schweiz/ Österreich 2017 | Documentary | Lilian Franck | oA

TRUST WHO focuses on the power and powerlessness of WHO and highlights the role that WHO had in crises like the swine flu and the reactor catastrophe in Fukushima.

La pazza gioia

La pazza gioia | Frankreich/Italien 2016 | Tragicomedy | Paolo Virzì | 12

Kooky self-proclaimed countess Beatrice (Valeria Bruno Tedeschi) and quiet Donatella (Micaela Ramazotti) escape the psychiatric ward and go on an energetic road trip a la THELMA & LOUISE.

Uferfrauen – Lesbisches L(i)eben in der DDR

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Barbara Wallbraun | 12

Barbara Wallbraun depicts a diverse, moving, and often shocking image of lesbian love in the GDR by interviewing six protagonists.

Umimachi Diary

Umimachi Diary | Japan 2015 | Drama | Hirokazu Kore-Eda | oA

A gentle story of sisterly love by the master of family tales Hirokazu Kore-eda. The three grown-up sisters Sachi, Yoshino and Chika have been living together all their lives. When they meet their little step-sister Suzu at their father’s funeral, ...

Dark Waters

Dark Waters | USA 2019 | Drama | Todd Haynes | 6

Todd Haynes (SAFE, FAR FROM HEAVEN) and his regular ace DP Edward Lachman prove that there is room in a conventional legal drama for artistic grace.

The Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z | USA 2016 | Adventure, Action, Historical Film | James Gray | 12

More Terrence Malick than Indiana Jones: when Colonel Percival Fawcett discovers the ruins of a lost civilization in the deepest jungles of Bolivia he is certain that he is on the track of a sensation but it takes years to get another expedition off ...


Frankreich/Belgien 2018 | Comedy, Historical Film | Alexis Michalik | oA

In his debut Alex Michalik tells the story of Edmond Rostand, the writer of the world-famous play CYRANO DE BERGERAC and enriches his story with the motifs of the play.

Vorwärts immer!

Deutschland 2016 | Comedy, Historical Film, Sociological Film | Franziska Meletzky | 12

A comedy of mistaken identity set in the GDR.

Vox Lux

USA 2019 | Drama | Brady Corbet | 12

High schooler Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) is heavily injured during a massacre at her school. She becomes a popstar after she sings during a memorial day. Years later Celeste (Natalie Portman) battles alcohol, drugs, and the hostile press. Music by ...


Krigen | Dänemark 2015 | Drama, War Film | Tobias Lindholm | 12 | Interview

In his Oscar nominated feature film Danish director Tobias Lindholm contrasts the traumatic experience of a Danish officer in the Afghanistan war with the emotional hardship his family in Denmark experiences.

Miesten vuoro

Miesten vuoro | Finnland 2016 | Documentary | Joonas Berghäll, Mika Hotakainen | 6

Finnish men open their hearts and allow a glimpse of their soul in the sauna.

Was tun?

Was tun? | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Michael Kranz

Director Michael Kranz is looking for a girl that he saw in WHORE‘S GLORY, Michael Glawogger‘s film about prostitution. He meets with NGOs, starts an aid organization himself, and documents his path.

Ce qui nous lie

Ce qui nous lie | Frankreich 2017 | Drama | Cédric Klapisch | oA

Jean returns to his family’s vineyard at 30. His father is dying and his siblings are torn between joy and anger about the long radio silence. They have to decide about the future of the business together.

Welcome to Norway

Norwegen 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Rune Denstad Langlo | 6

Primus is chronically broke and hopes to make a profit by turning a seedy hotel in Norway into a refugee home.

Das Wetter in geschlossenen Räumen

D 2015 | Drama | Isabelle Stever | 12

German aid worker Dorothea promotes her project at a charity event in a region filled with conflict. She falls for the much younger drifter Alex in a luxury hotel surrounded by tanks.

Wildes Herz

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Music Films, Biography | Charly Hübner, Sebastian Schultz | 12

WILDES HERZ is a portrait of Feine Sahne Fischfilet frontman Jan “Monchi“ Gorkow. The film delves into his youth in Jarmen, his time with the Hansa Rostock Ultras, and his unswerving fight against the right-wing in his home country.

Rotzbub (Willkommen in Siegheilkirchen)

Rotzbub (Willkommen in Siegheilkirchen) | Österreich/Deutschland 2021 | Tragicomedy | Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Santiago Lopez Jovernach | 12

Growing up in a village between clerics and Nazis, adapted from Manfred Deix‘s cartoons.

Wind River

USA 2017 | Thriller | Taylor Sheridan | 16

A ranger finds the body of a girl in the wilderness surrounding the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. She was raped and died of the cold while trying to escape. When an FBI agent from Florida begins an investigation, she asks the ranger for help.

Wolke unterm Dach

Deutschland 2022 | Drama | Alain Gsponer

After the death of her mother Julia, father Paul and 8 year old Lily have to cope with their grief and each other.

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain | Großbritannien 2021 | Biography | Will Sharpe | 12

Cat painter Louis Wain (Benedict Cumberbatch) has a lot of talent and just as many quirks. He sees electric voltage in all living things. Images vibrate and shimmer on the canvas in this tragicomedy.

Les miserables

Les Misérables | Frankreich 2019 | Drama, Crime Drama | Ladj Ly | 16

Director Ladj Ly found Victor Hugo‘s “Les Misérables“ in the Parisian Banlieues of today.

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