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25 km/h

Deutschland 2018 | Comedy, Roadmovie | Markus Goller | 6

At their father‘s funeral, brothers Georg (Bjarne Mädel) and Christian (Lars Eidinger) decide to go on the trip that they never went on as teens and chug along with their mopeds in the direction of Timmendorf Beach.


Deutschland 2018 | Thriller, Crime Drama, Drama | Christian Alvart | 16

A German thriller with Moritz Bleibtreu, Lars Eidinger, and Jasna Fritzi Bauer.

All My Loving

Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Edward Berger | 12

Stefan, Julia und Tobias are siblings. They are all experts in not talking about the things that really matter.

Alle Anderen

D 2009 | Drama | Maren Ade | 12

A relationship drama by Maren Ade.

The Bloom of Yesterday

Die Blumen von gestern | Deutschland/Frankreich/Österreich 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Chris Kraus | 12

Historian Toto Blumen and his overstrung French intern Zazi work in the Central Office for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes in Ludwigsburg. The two make up the most delightful screwball couple German cinema has had in years.

Dora oder Die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern

Dora oder Die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern | Deutschland/Schweiz 2014 | Drama | Stina Werenfels | 16

18-year-old Dora is mentally challenged. When the young woman begins a sexual adventure, this leads to a dramatic divide in the parent-child relationship … DORA treats the issue in a sensitive and smart way – the line between self-determination ...


Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Lars Kraume | 6

The 70th birthday of Hannes Westhoff is at the patriarch’s glorious residence. Anne, his second wife, invited his sons and also their mother, his ex-wife Renate.

Hell – Die Sonne wird euch verbrennen

D/CH 2011 | Science Fiction | Tim Fehlbaum | 16

The sun has been incredibly hot for years. Philip, his girlfriend Marie, and her sister Loenie are on their way to the mountains in the hopes of finding water. They aren’t alone, though.

Mackie Messer – Brechts Dreigroschenfilm

Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Joachim Lang | 6

MACKIE MESSER isn‘t just an adaptation of “The Threepenny Opera,“ it‘s also a rehabilitation of G.W. Pabst‘s unbeloved adaptation from 1931, a demonstration of Brecht‘s theatre theory, a narrative about the production history of the ...


Matilda | Russland 2017 | Drama, Historical Film, Love Stories | Aleksei Uchitel | 12

The film adaptation of an affair between the Russian crown prince and later Czar Nicholas II led to censorship attempts and participants and cinemas being threatened with violence. The film itself is a fairytale with impressive scenery and costumes.

Persian Lessons

Persischstunden | Russland/Deutschland 2019 | Drama, Historical Film | Vadim Perelman | 12

Jewish Frenchmen Gilles pretends to be Persian in order to survive a concentration camp. In order to survive, he has to teach Farsi to an SS man even though he doesn‘t know the language. An adaptation of the story “Die Erfindung einer Sprache“ ...

Personal Shopper

Frankreich 2016 | Drama, Thriller | Olivier Assayas | 12

Maureen (Kristen Stewart) is a personal shopper for a popstar in Paris. In her private life, she mourns her brother’s death and tries to contact him in the afterlife, as she believes them both to be mediums. Things get even weirder when Maureen ...

My Little Sister

Schweiz 2020 | Drama | Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond


Single | Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Jan Bonny, Alex Wissel

SINGLE documents the short era of a venue conceptualized by Wissen as an alternative model of public space and a participatory “social sculpture.” It is also the fictional story of a young man whose constant performing causes him to lose track ...

Vergine giurata

Vergine Giurata | Italien/ Schweiz/ Deutschland/ Albanien/ Frankreich 2015 | Drama | Laura Bispuri | oA

Hana has chosen to live according to the law of the “Katun” that is still practiced in the remote regions of northern Albania as a “sworn virgin”, a man. When Hana, or Mark as she calls herself now, emigrates to Italy s/he has to once again ...

Was bleibt

Was bleibt | D 2012 | Drama, Familiy History | Hans-Christian Schmid | 12

Clouds of Sils Maria

Sils Maria | Frankreich 2014 | Drama | Olivier Assayas | 6

Juliette Binoche plays Maria Enders, an aging actress who has been asked to perform again in the play that made her famous, albeit not in the original role of Sigrid the young employee and love interest. This time Enders is to play Helena, Sigrid's ...

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