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Interview mit Jessica Hausner zu LITTLE JOE

„Genrefilme neigen dazu, am Ende alle Probleme zu lösen“

Amour Fou

Österreich 2014 | Drama | Jessica Hausner | 6

Inspired by the double-suicide of Heinrich von Kleist and Henriette Vogel, Jessica Hausner (HOTEL, LOURDES) recounts the love-death story as an extreme stylized and amusing experiment.


Tiere | Polen/Schweiz/Österreich 2017 | Drama, Mystery | Greg Zglinski | 12

Inconsistencies, confusions, question marks, and red herrings. Talking animals and mysterious coincidences. Clearly influenced by David Lynch, ANIMALS shows a couple in crisis.

Fuchs im Bau

Österreich 2020 | Drama | Arman T. Riahi

The prison class under the care of the committed and somewhat deranged Mrs. Berger isn‘t big, but there‘s almost always turmoil. The new teacher, Mr. Fuchs, has his work cut out for him.

Why Not You

Why Not You | Österreich/Belgien 2020 | Drama | Evi Romen | 16

Mario‘s friend Lenz dies in an islamist terrorist attack in Rome. In Mario‘s South Tyrol home village, Nadim, a former classmate and Muslim, is Mario‘s ally. The film explores sexual identity, religious terrorism, survivor guilt, addiction, ...

Little Joe

Little Joe | Österreich/ Großbritannien/ Deutschland 2019 | Science Fiction, Drama | Jessica Hausner | 12 | Interview

Alice and her team of biotechnologists have developed a red flower with a smell that causes happiness. “Little Joe“ flourishes well, but the vast amounts of pollen that the supposedly sterile plant produces is strange….

Ma folie

Ma folie | Österreich/Frankreich 2015 | Drama, Love-story, Thriller | Andrina Mracnikar | 16

Hanna meets Yann on a romantic night in Paris. A long distance romance ensues, but eventually Yann moves to Vienna and takes up more and more space in Hanna’s life. When she tries to end the relationship, his messages become increasingly ...

Oktober November

Österreich 2013 | Drama | Götz Spielmann | 12

Sonja, the cheerful but inconsiderate city dweller, and Verena, the self-sacrificing daughter who stayed at home. Two sisters with very different lives are brought together again when their father becomes ill. On Sonja's return to the family home in ...

Sin & Illy Still Alive

Deutschland/Österreich 2014 | Drama, Family Film, Crime Drama | Maria Hengge

Sin and Illy have a plan: on a Greek island they want to get 'clean' on their own. But is it possible at all to go the way out of heroin addiction together?

Sin & Illy Still Alive

Deutschland/Österreich | Maria Hengge

Young Sin wants to go cold turkey with her friend Illy and it should ideally be far away from Frankfurt’s dreary drug scene, like on a beach in Greece.

Stille Reserven

Schweiz/Österreich 2016 | Science Fiction | Valentin Hitz | 12

Neo noir sci-fi: in the near future insurance agent Baumann sells death insurance. Those who don’t have one are used as organ donors, surrogate mothers, or databases after death. Baumann is promoted and is meant to infiltrate a resistance group ...

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