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Trois coeurs

3 coeurs | Frankreich 2014 | Drama | Benoît Jacqout | 6

Marc (Benoît Poelvoorde) and Sylvie (Charlotte Gainsbourg) meet in a small French town. They spend the night together and make a plan to see each other again in Paris. But they miss each other at the agreed meeting spot. Some time later Marc ...

Mama Weed

La daronne | Frankreich 2020 | Comedy, Crime Comedy | Jean-Paul Salomé | 12

As the interpreter of a drug squad, Patience (Isabelle Huppert) translates the wiretapped phone calls of the scene. When her mother‘s expensive nursing home threatens to kick the old woman out, Patience uses her knowledge and enters the business...

Being 17

Qund on a 17 ans | Frankreich 2016 | Drama | André Techiné | 12

Damien and Thomas are 17. They almost look grown up from the outside but inside the last storms of puberty are blustering. Excessive energy, diffused needs, and a lot of vulnerability determine their highly erratic behavior.

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