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After the Wedding

USA 2019 | Drama | Bart Freundlich | 6

Isabel (Michelle Williams) had dedicated her life to working in an Indian orphanage. Businesswoman Theresa (Julianne More) brings her back to New York under the pretense of wanting to donate money, but she actually has an entirely different motive.


Kanada 2014 | Documentary | Ron Mann

In this film about the maverick American director, the life and work of filmmaker Robert Altman (1925-2006) are remembered.

The Big Lebowski

USA 1997 | Comedy | Joel Coen | 12

Jeff Lebowski is one of the laziest people in LA. He's an old hippie who lives for bowling and White Russian cocktails. When out bowling one evening with his friends Walter und Donny, he is mistaken for a millionaire by the name of the Big Lebowski.

Boogie Nights

USA 1997 | Drama | Paul Thomas Anderson | 16

The Children of Men

The Children of Men | USA/E 2006 | Science Fiction, Thriller | Alfonso Cuaron | 16

Cookie's Fortune

Cookie's Fortune | USA 1998 | Satire, Sozialstudie | Robert Altman | 6

Dear Evan Hansen

USA 2021 | Drama, Musical | Stephen Chbosky | 12

Far from Heaven

Far from Heaven | USA/F 2002 | Melodram | Todd Haynes | 12


Freeheld | USA 2015 | Biography, Drama | Peter Sollett | 6

FREEHELD tells the true story of Laurel Hester who worked for the Ocean County police for 23 years when she was diagnosed with cancer and couldn´t transfer her pension benefits to her partner in case of her death – a routine procedure had she ...


Safe | USA 1995 | Thriller | Todd Haynes

Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell | USA/Chile 2018 | Comedy, Drama, Romance Films | Sebastián Lelio | oA

GLORIA (Julianne Moore) is in her mid-fifties and divorced for 12 years with two almost adult children. She tries to confront the loneliness that is slowly creeping into her life.

The Hours

The Hours | USA 2002 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Stephen Daldry | 12

In the King of Prussia

In the King of Prussia | USA 1982 | Documentary | Emile de Antonio | 12

The Kids Are All Right

The Kids Are All Right | USA 2010 | Comedy | Lisa Cholodenko | 12

Maggie's Plan

Maggie's Plan | USA 2015 | Comedy | Rebecca Miller | oA

New York university employee Maggie is planning to have a child. She has already set a date, found a willing sperm donor, and accumulated some savings. But when she meets John, a depressed professor of “Fictional Anthropology”, her meticulous ...


USA 1999 | Drama | Paul Thomas Anderson | 12

Maps to the Stars

Deutschland/Kanada/Frankreich/USA 2014 | Drama | David Cronenberg | 16

A David Cronenberg film that chronicles the lives of two dysfunctional families and their encounters with sex, violence and incest.

Surviving Picasso

Surviving Picasso | GB 1996 | Biography | James Ivory | 12


Psycho | USA 1998 | Horror, Thriller | Gus Van Sant | 12

A Single Man

USA 2009 | Drama | Tom Ford | 12

Still Alice

Still Alice | USA 2014 | Drama | Wash Westmoreland, Richard Glatzer | 6

Julianne Moore plays a woman diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Linear, but also loose, with numerous leaps in time, weeks and months are compressed together is the way the film depicts Alice’s progressive mental decline, but also the ...


USA 2017 | Crime Comedy, Mystery | George Clooney | 16

SUBURBICON tells the story of the disintegration of a model family and a model suburb in 1950s America from the prespective of a young boy. The screenplay is written by the Coen brothers and the film is directed by Goerge Clooney.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The Lost World: Jurassic Park | USA 1996 | Action, Fantasy | Steven Spielberg | 12

The sequel to JURASSIC PARK.

Wall Street

Wall Street | USA 1987 | Drama | Oliver Stone | 12

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