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The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum | USA 2007 | Action, Thriller | Paul Greengrass | 12


USA 2019 | Comedy, Drama, Crime Drama | Lorene Scafaria | 12

A group of strippers drug and rob patrons of their club, getting rich in the process. It does not take long for internal tensions to arise.

Jason Bourne

USA 2016 | Action, Thriller | Paul Greengrass | 16

After years of being left alone while living underground, things are looking dire. The CIA start a new program called “Iron Hand“ which could be dangerous for him and Nicky Parsons.

Orphan – First Kill

Orphan – First Kill | USA 2022 | Crime Drama, Horror | William Brent Bell

An Estonian serial killer who looks like a young girl uses this fact to pose as the long-lost daughter of an American couple. Prequel to 2009's ORPHAN.


USA 2017 | Comedy, Drama | Theresa Rebeck | 12

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