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Deutschland 2022 | Drama | Jöns Jönsson

Julius is a compulsive liar. He processes information and overheard conversation snippets and turns them into events, anecdotes and a biography that he changes as often as others change their shirts.


Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Erik Schmitt | 6

Erik Schmitt‘s first feature-length film is a playful, partially animated, lively homage to Berlin and a red-headed young woman named Cleo who is on a scavenger hunt.

Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Romuald Karmakar | oA

Romuald Karmakar visits five techno producers: Sonja Moonear, Ricardo Villalobos, Ata, Roman Flügel, and Move D. He visits them at their shows and sound spaces like their studios and a hill in Heidelberg and asks them about their life with free ...


Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Jöns Jönsson | 6

After her daughter Sara commits suicide, Magdalena (Gunilla Röör) struggles to establish a semblance of normality. She is constantly confronted with her daughter’s death, especially when she unsuccessfully tries to sell Sara’s dog.

Männer zeigen Filme und Frauen ihre Brüste

Deutschland 2013 | Satire | Isabell Šuba | oA

In her experimental mockumentary the idealistic filmmaker Isabell Šuba (Šuba played by actress Anne Haug) clashes with a sexist producer (David Wendtland) at the Cannes Film Festival.

Die Schule auf dem Zauberberg

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Radek Wegrzyn | oA

DIE SCHULE AUF DEM ZAUBERBERG gives ordinary mortals access to the daily lives of the most exclusive boarding school in the world, focusing mostly on the story of Berk, who wants to be accepted by his father.

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