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Tracking Edith

Auf Ediths Spuren | Österreich 2016 | Documentary, Biography, Espionage film | Peter Stephan Jungk

Stephan Jungk made a documentary about his great-aunt, the Austrian photographer and Russian spy Edith Tudor-Hart.

Carre 35

Carre 35 | Frankreich 2018 | Documentary | Eric Caravaca


Luxemburg/Österreich 2014 | Drama | Elfi Mikesch | 12

As a child, Franzi had a romantic image of life in the French Foreign Legion, which her father served in during the colonial wars of the first half of the 20th century. As an adult, she traces the steps of the man who had come home with PTSD, ...

Why Not You

Why Not You | Österreich/Belgien 2020 | Drama | Evi Romen | 16

Mario‘s friend Lenz dies in an islamist terrorist attack in Rome. In Mario‘s South Tyrol home village, Nadim, a former classmate and Muslim, is Mario‘s ally. The film explores sexual identity, religious terrorism, survivor guilt, addiction, ...


Dänemark/Österreich 2016 | Documentary | Ulrich Seidl | oA

Ulrich Seidl portrays the actions and thoughts of tourists who go on safaris on Namibia’s hunting farms in his typical open and unabashed style.

Shirley – Visionen der Realität: Der Maler Edward Hopper in 13 Bildern

Shirley – Visionen der Realität: Der Maler Edward Hopper in 13 Bildern | Österreich 2013 | Essay Film | Gustav Deutsch | oA

In thirteen single take tableaus SHIRLEY - VISIONS OF REALITY by experimental film maker Gustav Deutsch reimagines thirteen paintings by Edward Hopper. The film explores the spaces that the paintings merely suggest.

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