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A Special Need

The Special Need | Italien/Österreich/Deutschland 2013 | Documentary | Carlo Zoratti | 12

In this singular documentary feature director Carlo Zoratti and his friends Alex Nazzi and Enea Gabino go on a journey through Europe. Their initial goal is to find a girl for Enea, who has autism, but eventually they discover that Enea's true needs ...

Milhemet 90 Hadakot

90 minutes war | Deutschland/Israel 2015/2016 | Drama, Comedy | Eyal Halfon | oA

In his comedy Eyal Halfon imagines what would happen if Palestinians and Israelis were to settle their differences with a game of football.

Amok – Hansi geht's gut

D 2014 | Psychodrama | Zoltan Paul | 12

The workplace of the aging accountant Lorenz Fuchs is phasing out jobs. Fuchs is one of the last to go. Between panic attacks and self-pity his boss makes him an offer that drives Fuchs even further off the edge.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles | Deutschland/Mexiko 2014 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Damian John Harper | 12

In his sensitive feature debut the US American director Damian John Harper tells the story of 16-year-old Mateo from Mexico who gets involved with a local gang to realize his dream of a better life in the fabled Los Angeles.

Ame Noire

Anime Nere | Italien 2014 | Animation, Short-film | Francesco Munzi

Anime Nere

Anime Nere | Italien 2014 | Drama | Francesco Munzi

It takes a while for ANIME MERE to get rolling but then an act of violence happens that is so horrible it leads to catastrophe.

Arbeit macht das Leben süß, Faulheit stärkt die Glieder

Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Claudia Funk | oA | NEW RELEASE

In her documentary Claudia Funk portrays an unusual Romanian retirement home in which the inhabitants still work the neighboring fields and tend to the livestock – each to his or her abilities.

Arthur & Claire

Deutschland/Niederlande/Österreich 2017 | Tragicomedy | Miguel Alexandre | 12

Arthur, who wants to end his life in a clinic, and Claire, who is depressed, meet each other in Amsterdam and form a tragicomic community of destiny.

Der Bauer und sein Prinz

Deutschland 2012 | Documentary | Bertram Verhaag | oA

THE FARMER AND HIS PRINCE takes a look at Prince Charles’ commitment to organic farming. Filmmaker Verhaag makes a visit to the sustainable model farm in southern England accompanied by the farm manager David Wilson and interviews the trailblazers ...

Bauer unser

Frankreich/Österreich/Belgien 2016 | Documentary | Robert Schabus | oA

BAUER UNSER shows the cold and engineered logic of modern factory farming that is required to guarantee the most cost-efficient and effective production method.

Berlin Bouncer

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | David Dietl | 12

A former East German punk and photographer with face tattoos and piercings. An African-American former GI. A West German school dropout. They all slid into the nightlife of this city somehow and got stuck there.

Berlin East Side Gallery

Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Karin Kaper, Dirk Szuszies | 6

BERLIN EAST SIDE GALLERY follows the artists that once created the “world’s biggest open-air” gallery on the remains of the Berlin Wall from 2009, when the gallery was reconstructed until 2014, when the site was threatened by investors.

Carne de perro

Carne de perro | RCH/F/D 2012 | Drama | Fernando Guzzoni | NEW RELEASE

At the centre of Fernando Guzzoni’s film CARNE DE PERRO is a 50-year old former military man who served during Pinochet’s dictatorship, and who has a difficult time finding his place in a new world.

Daniel Hope – Der Klang des Lebens

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Nahuel Lopez | oA

Hamburg filmmaker Nahuel Lopez (EL VIAJE) takes on the themes of immigration and intercultural identity once again in his portrait of South African violin virtuoso Daniel Hope.

Dark Eden

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Jasmin Herold, Michael Beamish | 6

One of the biggest oil deposits on the planet is close to the remote community of Fort McMurray in Canada. The oil industry is a generous employer, guarantees prosperity – and is the cause of disease and environmental destruction.

3 Faces

Se Rokh | Iran 2018 | Drama | Jafar Panahi | 12

Director Jafar Panahi receives a cell video showing a young woman threatening suicide. Together with actress Behnaz Jafari, he makes his way to the province to find her.


Kraftidioten | Dänemark/Schweden/Norwegen 2013 | Action, Comedy | Hans Petter Moland | 16

When the drug mafia murders his son, Nils Dickmann (Stellan Skarsgård), a snowplough driver, is out for revenge. His actions get him involved in a gang turf war. A biting comedy reminiscent of the Coen brothers masterpiece FARGO.


Schweiz/Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Markus Imhoof | 6

In World War II the family of Swiss director Markus Imhoof took in a Italian refugee girl. In memory of Giovanna, the documentarian travels to meet present-day refugees.


Enklava | Deutschland/Serbien 2015 | Drama | Goran Radovanovic | 12

10 year old Nenad is taken to school under military protection every day – he is part of the hated Serbian minority in predominantly Albanian Kosovo.

Erbarme Dich! – Die Matthäus Passion

NL 2015 | Documentary, Music Films | Ramon Gieling | 12

A dutch documentary by Ramon Gieling.

Europa – Ein Kontinent als Beute

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Christoph Schuch, Reiner Krausz

Christoph Schuch and Rainer Krausz take stock of the omnipresent EU depression.

Fair Traders

Fair Traders | Schweiz 2018 | Documentary | Nino Jacusso

A documentary about three business people who combine economic efficiency and ethics in their work.


Deutschland 2018

On the streets of Spandau brothers Miko, the gambler, Danyal, the ex-con, and Muhammad, the down syndrome kid, have an assortment of problems with unfriendly people, a looming commital to a care home, and Sila who escaped from the mental hospital.


Centaur | Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Niederlande/ Kirgistan 2017 | Drama, Tierfilm | Aktan Arym Kubat | 6

Former film projectionist Zentaur keeps stealing horses and setting them free on the expansive high plains of Kyrgyzstan.

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words | Deutschland/Frankreich 2015 | Documentary, Music Films | Thorsten Schütte | 12

A portrait of avant-garde rock musician Frank Zappa compiled from three decades worth of interviews and performances that reveal as much about the zeitgeist as the musician himself.

The Wife

The Wife | Großbritannien/Schweden 2017 | Drama | Björn Runge | 12

Glenn Close plays Joan, the wife of author Joe Castelman, who has just found out that he received the literary Nobel Prize. On the way to the award ceremony Joan‘s longstanding suppressed feelings and repressed memories erupt.

Die Frau mit der Kamera – Porträt der Fotografin Abisag Tüllmann

Die Frau mit der Kamera – Porträt der Fotografin Abisag Tüllmann | Deutschland 2015 | Biography, Documentary | Claudia von Alemann | oA

In her documentary feature film Claudia von Alemann portrays the life and work of her friend, the famous German photographer Abisag Tüllmann (1935–1996).

Free Lunch Society

Free Lunch Society: Komm Komm Grundeinkommen | Deutschland/Österreich 2017 | Documentary, Sociological Film | Christian Tod | oA

In FREE LUNCH SOCIETY director Christian Tod traces the history of the idea of separating work from income that goes back to the 1960s.

Free Speech Fear Free

Deutschland, USA, Großbritannien, Niederlande 2016 | Documentary | Tarquin Ramsay | 6

Can we really be human without free speech? Tarquin Ramsay first asked his immediate environment that question when he was 15 year old, and now he asks world-renowned personalities the same question. People like Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, ...

5 Sterne

5 Sterne | Deutschland 2016 | Semi-documentary Film | Annekatrin Hendel | oA

Annekatrin Hendel films her old and very ill friend, Berlin artist Ines Rastig, as they vacation together on the Baltic Sea. An intimate portrait and a very personal film project.

Die Gabe zu heilen

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Andreas Geiger | oA

Documentarian Andreas Geiger (WOCHENDENDKRIEGER) follows five „healers“ as people who take the time and have the patience to grapple with their patients stories.

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story | USA 2018 | Documentary, Biography | Alexandra Dean | oA

The documentary BOMBSHELL – THE HEDY LAMARR STORY also delves into her work as a scientist. Lamarr invented a secure communication system that built the basis of today‘s Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth connections.

Die Geschwister

Die Geschwister | Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Jan Krüger | 12

Realtor Thies has the hots for apartment seeker Bruno and brings him and his alleged sister to an empty three room apartment. The unspoken trade seems to be clear but the love triangle’s codependency soon becomes blurry.

Gotthard Graubner – Farb-Raum-Körper

Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Tilmann Urbach

Documentary about the reticent pioneer of Colour Field painting Gotthard Graubner.

Göttliche Lage – Eine Stadt erfindet sich neu

Göttliche Lage – Eine Stadt erfindet sich neu | Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken | oA

GÖTTLICHE LAGE documents the five-year urban development project for the former steelworks in Dortmund-Hörde. They plan is to convert it into a modern residential and recreational area with an artificial lake.

The Green Prince

Deutschland/USA/Israel 2014 | Documentary | Nadav Schirman | 12

Two people tell their shared story over one and a half hours: Mosab Hassan Yousef, the spy known as “The Green Prince” who for years was the most important source for the Israeli secret service, and his Israeli contact person Gonen Ben Yitzhak.


Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Hendrik Löbbert | 6

GRENZBOCK quietly observes the strange rituals of hunters in the woods of Brandenburg.


Deutschland 2015 | Biography | Rosa von Praunheim | 16

At six years of age Andreas Marquardt visited a martial arts class for the first time. What became of the boy who was beaten by his father and sexually abused by his mother was a feared thug and pimp. Years later Marquardt starts therapy. Rosa von ...


Deutschland/Schweiz 2015 | Drama | Jan Gassmann, Benny Jaberg, Michael Krummenacher, Lisa Blatter, Gregor Frei, Carmen Jaquier, Jonas Meier, Tobias Nölle, Lionel Rupp, Mike Scheiwiller | 12

A menacing cloud hovers right over Switzerland. Under it panic ensues, a state of emergency is declared, and hoarding and racism are endemic. In their dystopian satire a young Swiss director’s collective demolishes the “Heimat” myth.

Ein Hells Angel unter Brüdern

Deutschland 2013 | Documentary | Marcel Wehn | 12

In his documentary feature Marcel When portraits the infamous “Hells Angels” motor club via one of its more ambivalent protagonists, Lutz Schellhorn, president of the “Hells Angels” Stuttgart.


Deutschland/Rumänien 2014 | Biography, Documentary | Andrei Schwartz | 12

Under Ceaușescu Gavril has been sentenced for murder. Now, 20 years later he is released into a changed world.

The Hole in the Ground

Irland 2019 | Horror, Drama | Lee Cronin | 16

Single mom Sarah has moved to a remote area with her son Chris. One night she suddenly comes across a gigantic hole in the ground and Chris shortly disappears. Then he reappears and everything is seemingly fine. An Irish psychological horror film.

Holy Cow

Deutschland, Rumänien, Katar, Aserbaidschan 2015 | Documentary | Imam Hasanov

When Tapdig proposes to import a highly productive European milk cow into his Azerbaijani village he encounters mistrust and prejudice.

I Origins

I Origins | USA 2014 | Drama, Science Fiction | Mike Cahill | 12

In Mike Cahill's philosophical science fiction film the geneticist Ian Gray believes that he has found scientific proof for reincarnation.

Ich bin das Glück dieser Erde

Yo soy la felicidad de este mundo | Mexiko 2013 | Julián Hernández | 16

I Am Happiness On Earth is a film about the confused and confusing relationships of a film director named Emiliano who becomes fixated on a gifted dancer named Octavio. A film that is somewhere between poetic meditation and a feverish dream.

Im Spinnwebhaus

Deutschland 2015 | Drama, Fantasy | Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt | 12

In order to „fight her demons“ Sabine leaves the eldest son, 12-year-old Jonas, in charge of his two siblings. Their home soon turns into a magical “cobweb house”.

In Sarmatia

Alle Erinnerung ist Gegenwart | D 2013 | Documentary | Volker Koepp | oA

Volker Koepp travels to the region in Eastern Europe from the Black Sea to the Baltic that was known as Sarmatia in antiquity. A thoughtful documentary about the continuing presence of history and the European dream.

Junction 48

Deutschland/USA/Israel 2016 | Drama, Music Films | Udi Aloni | 12

Kareem and his crew dream of a live as hip hop stars modeled on US rappers. They want to stay out of the ideological turf war between the Arabs and Israelis and prefer singing about social realities “on the street”.


Titli | Indien 2014 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Kanu Behl | 16

Kanu Behl’s first feature TITLI is evokes the immediacy and power of the New Hollywood cinema of the sixties and seventies. He tells the story of a young man and a young woman who want to leave the vicious circle of poverty, violence and ...

Kafkas Der Bau

Deutschland 2014 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Jochen Alexander Freydank | 12

Jochen Alexander Freydank won an Oscar in 2009 for his short film SPIELZEUGLAND and has adapted Franz Kafka’s unfinished story as a dark, claustrophic visual labyrinth.

A peine j'ouvre les yeux

À peine j'ouvre les yeux | Frankreich/Belgien/Tunesien 2015 | Drama | Leyla Bouzid | 12

Summer in Tunisia 2010. The „Arabellion“ is gathering speed. 18-year old Farah has just finished school and wants to study music. As a woman and a musician she doubly attracts the mistrust of the authorities.

Kleine Ziege, sturer Bock

Deutschland 2015 | Comedy, Roadmovie | Johannes Fabrick | oA | NEW RELEASE

When Jacob who until then didn’t even know he had a daughter, has to suddenly look after 12 year old Mai, he decides to take her on his next business trip which involves driving a grumpy old ram all the way to Norway.

Kommen Rührgeräte in den Himmel? Ein Film über Nachhaltigkeit

Kommen Rührgeräte in den Himmel? Ein Film über Nachhaltigkeit | Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Reinhard Günzler | oA

The starting point of Reinhard Güntzel’s at turns comic, philosophic and poetic exploration of sustainability in commodity production is the “RG 28”, an orange coloured mixer that was produced in the GDR and lasted for decades.

The Congo Tribunal

Das Kongo Tribunal | Deutschland/Schweiz 2017 | Documentary | Milo Rau | 12

World-renowned theatre producer Milo Rau tackles the violence in Congo and the role that local politics and international economic organizations play in it in two theatre tribunals: one in Congo and one in Berlin.

Könige der Welt

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Music Films | Christian von Brockhausen, Timo Großpietsch | 12

In 2002 indie rock band Union Youth from Bad Bentheim were seen as the new hope for a short time. But something went wrong and the band disappeared without a sound. KÖNIGE DER WELT follows their attempt at a second go at it.

The Land of the Enlightened

The Land of the Enlightened | Belgien 2016 | Documentary | Pieter-Jan De Pue

Belgian director and photographer Pieter-Jan De Pue took 7 years to make a documentary with fictional touches about the brutal struggle for survival of child gangs in Afghanistan.


Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Volker Koepp | oA

Following DAS WEITE FELD (1976) and UCKERMARK (2002), Volker Koepp’s LANDSTÜCK sees him being drawn to north Brandenburg again: the cultural landscape, agriculture, and economic factors.

Un tango mas

Un Tango Más | Deutschland/Argentinien 2015 | Documentary | German Kral

A portrait of legendary tango dancers Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves Rego.


Russland 2014 | Drama | Andrei Zvyagintsev | 12

With LEVIATHAN director Andrei Petrowitsch Swjaginzew presents a compelling and grim parable of an individual going up – albeit in vain – against the all-powerful and absolutist state monster. The film recounts the story of the car mechanic ...


Deutschland/Dänemark 2014 | Drama | Anna Sofie Hartmann | oA

In Nakskov on the Danish island of Lolland the highschool students are preparing for their finals. The stagnant smalltown routine is disrupted when new teacher Karen talks to her theatre class about emancipation, gender and sexual orientation. The ...

Love & Engineering

Deutschland/Finnland/Bulgarien 2014 | Documentary | Tonislav Hristov | oA

In his documentary director Tonislav Hristov follows a group of likeable nerds and geeks on their amusing quest (at least for the audience) for love and romance.

Love Eternal

Irland 2013 | Drama, Mystery | Brendan Muldowney

A traumatised young man loves suicidal young women – but after their death.

Loving Vincent

Polen/Großbritannien 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama, Animation | Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman | 6

The animated film depicts the last weeks of Dutch painter and illustrator Vincent van Gogh. All the scenes are based on van Gogh‘s oil paintings and all of them were painted over frame by frame in oil optics after filming.

La mafia uccide solo d’estate

La mafia uccide solo d'estate | Italien 2014 | Crime Comedy | Pierfrancesco Diliberto | 12

Arturo has been (unrequitedly) in love with Flora since elementary school. Pierfrancesco Dilberto’s fast-paced debut mixes romance, black comedy, coming of age elements, and mob drama flourishes and turns it into a sincere and funny time capsule ...

Law Not War

Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Ullabritt Horn | 12

27 year old Benjamin Ferencz was the prosecuter of the 1947 “Task Force“ process against Nazi war crimes in the Soviet Union. A MAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE is a portrait of the 95 year old lawyer who fought for the establishment of an ...


D/RA/FIN 2012 | Documentary | Viviane Blumenschein | oA

An Argentinian Tango trio travels to Finland to learn about the Finnish Tango tradition. Curiosity, respect and a love for Tango unites musicians from two vastly different cultures. Documentary.

Die Moskauer Prozesse

D 2013 | Documentary | Milo Rau | 6

Mr. Holmes

Großbritannien 2014 | Drama, Crime Drama | Bill Condon | oA

As the great Sherlock Holmes (played by the great Ian McKellen) approaches old age, his mind begins slipping. Before all is lost, he wants to reconstruct the details of his final case.

My Stuff

Tavarataivas | Finnland 2013 | Documentary | Petri Luukkainen | oA

In MY STUFF the filmmaker Petri Luukkainen tries to do without the things that clutter his life. He completely empties his apartment. For a year he is not allowed to buy new stuff but he can retrieve his old stuff – at a rate of one single item ...


Deutschland 2014 | Biography, Documentary | Helen Simon | 16

In her harrowing documentary feature Helen Simon depicts a horrific case of child sex abuse and intergenerational incest. The film asks questions about dealing with abuse in one’s own family, responsibility and guilt and looks at how the law fails ...

No Land's Song

Deutschland/Frankreich 2014 | Documentary | Ayat Najafi | oA

Sara Najafi, an Iranian Composer, wants to perform the songs of Qamar-ol-Moluk Vaziri in Teheran, with all-female soloists. She fights an anonymous bureaucratic system that fears the tabooed subjects of the songs as much as the female voice itself.

The distinguished citizen

El ciudadano ilustre | Argentinien/Spanien 2016 | Tragicomedy | Gaston Duprat, Mariano Cohn | oA

When literary Nobel prize winner Daniel Mantovani returns to his home village, the source of his novel, he is confronted with an unresolved past, a very ambivalent reception of his work, and a lot of ludicrous coincidences.


Österreich 2012 | Documentary, Music Films | Aleksey Igudesman | oA

Aleksey Igudesman's documentary about the violin virtuoso Julian Rachlin, organiser of the annual classical musical festival inDubrovnik/Croatia, is an irreverent film that affectionately pokes fun at its protagonists and the world of classical ...

Nur Gott kann mich richten

Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Thriller | Özgür Yildirim | 16

Ricky (Moritz Bleibtreu) gets out of jail. He took the rap for his brother Rafael and his friend Latif. He wants to do one last big job, but has to deal with policewoman Diana (Birgit Minichmayr) getting in the way.

Parchim International

Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Stefan Eberlein, Manuel Fenn | oA

In 2007 Chinese investor Jonathan Pang bought the airport of Parchim, a small town between Hamburg and Berlin, with dreams of turning it into an international hub.

Petting Zoo

Deutschland/USA/Griechenland 2015 | Drama | Micah Magee | 12

San Antonio/Texas. 17-year-old Layla just got the letter confirming her college scholarship when she finds out she is pregnant. In her debut picture Micah Magee follows the path of her young heroine with compassion and an eye for detail.


Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Stefan Kolbe, Chris Wright | oA

Chris Wright and Stefan Kolbe accompany a group of young vicars to a Protestant seminar in Wittenberg. They document how these men and women, for over a year, grapple with themselves, each other, and their faith. Documentary.


GB 2013 | Drama | Stephen Frears | 6

In Stephen Frears new film, the cynical journalist Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) and a charming elderly woman Philomena (Judy Dench) embark on a journey to find Philomena’s son, who she was forced to give up for adoption in the 1950s.

Piccola patria – Small Homeland

Italien 2013 | Alessandro Rossetto

Seen from above, Venetien, a region in Northeast Italy, seems like a rural haven. On second sight greed, hypocrisy and xenophobia show their ugly faces in this debut fiction feature by documentary filmmaker Alessandro Rossetto.

Projekt A

Deutschland/ Spanien/ Griechenland/ Schweiz 2015 | Documentary | Marcel Seehuber, Moritz Springer

In their documentary feature Moritz Springer and Marcel Seehuber visit European initiatives, individuals and unions that follow anarchist ideas.

Regina Jonas – Die erste Rabbinerin der Welt

Hungary/United/Kingdom/Germany 2013 | Documentary | Diana Groó

Regina Jonas was born in Berlin‘s Scheunenviertel district in 1902. She received higher education and was able to study at the liberal “Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums.” In 1935 she became the first woman to be ordained as a ...

Die Reise zum sichersten Ort der Erde

Schweiz 2013 | Documentary | Edgar Hagen | oA

Together with the nuclear expert Charles McCombie, director Edgar Hagen travels to the most failed final repository project in the world, from Yucca Mountain in Nevada to Australia and Switzerland to Wendland in Germany, and reveals the ...

Road to Heaven

Deutschland/Indien 2014 | Documentary | Walter Größbauer

In the third part of his ACH, INDIEN – Trilogy documentary filmmaker Walter Größbauer accompanies a young Sikh on his spiritual journey on the ancient „Grand Trunk Road“ from Kalkutta to Amritsar.


Schweiz 2013 | Drama | Marcel Gisler | 12

Despite her stroke ROSIE always has the right sound bite ready and refuses help or to be placed in a home. Instead the family has to come together more often.

Die rote Linie – Widerstand im Hambacher Forst

Die rote Linie – Widerstand im Hambacher Forst | Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Karin de Miguel Wessendorf

The conflict surrounding the clearing of the Hambach forest caused a stir worldwide. Karin de Miguel Wessendorf spent 3 years accompanying a number of people who fought against the effects of brown coal mining in their region.


Deutschland 2013 | Documentary | Tobias Müller

Whether or not the small farm in Baden-Württemberg will celebrate its 300-year existence is up to Philipp Kienle. The property has been in his family since 1725, and the 30-year-old wants to keep it that way; he wants to continue the farming ...

Schumanns Bargespräche

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Marieke Schroeder | 6

Legendary barkeeper Charles Schumann goes to famous bars to have a drink and talks to other famous barkeepers.


Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Volker Koepp | oA

After Koepp‘s LANDSTÜCK (2016) about his return to Uckermark, SEESTÜCK follows the filmmaker to the Baltic Sea and portrays the coastal residents on the Baltic and Scandinavian shore.

Desde que el Mundo es Mundo

Desde que el mundo es mundo | Österreich 2015 | Documentary | Günter Schwaiger

The documentary filmmaker Günther Schwaiger follows the everyday life of a family living on a small farm in the Castilian village of Vadocondes.


USA 2015 | Biography, Drama | Tom McCarthy | oA

In 2002 the Boston Globe’s investigative „Spotlight“ unit uncovers the sexual abuse of young community members by Catholic priests and the systematic decade-long cover-up by the Church.


Tracks | Australien 2013 | Adventure, Biography, Drama | John Curran | 6

In the 1970s Robyn Davidson decides to cross the Australian desert, alone and barefoot. In order to make some money, she regularly meets with a National Geographic photographer to report on her journey.

Starting 5

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary, Sportfilm | Milan Skrobanek | oA

National basketball player Marvin Willoughby starts coaching young basketball players in the inner city of Hamburg after an active career. In 2014 he decides to bring back professional basketball to Hamburg and take the club to the first league. ...


Stereo | D 2014 | Psychothriller | Maximilian Erlenwein | 16

Open fields, the blue sky, the introspective country roads – it seems too good to be true: But Erik (Jürgen Vogel) idyllic country life starts to unravel when a ghost from Erik's past comes back to haunt him.

Stopping – Wie man die Welt anhält

Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Bernhard Koch, Nils Landmark | oA

Director Bernhard Koch follows four different practitioners on their “ways towards meditation”.

Taxi – Nach dem Roman von Karen Duve

Taxi – Nach dem Roman von Karen Duve | Deutschland 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Kerstin Ahlrichs | 6

A young woman breaks off her training as an working insurance salesperson and begins to work as a taxi driver in Hamburg. Adaptation of the autobiographical novel TAXI by Karen Duve.


Taxi | Iran 2015 | Documentary | Jafar Panahi | oA

Iranian director Jafar Panahi is banned from his profession for 20 years and cannot leave the country. He made his newest film, Berlinale winner TAXI TEHERAN as a taxi driver, with a dashboard camera. TAXI TEHERAN is an ode to the people of Teheran ...

Therapie für Gangster

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Sobo Swobodnik | 6 | NEW RELEASE

In his observational documentary Sobo Swobodnik visits 9 offenders who are battling with alcohol, drug, and gambling addictions in a closed treatment center.


USA 2019 | Biography, Drama | Dome Karukoski | 12

Dome Karukoski‘s biopic of intellectual and language lover Tolkien focuses on his early biography – the orphan‘s school days and Tolkien‘s experience in World War I.


Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Martin Hawie | 16

Toro, who came to Germany from Poland 10 years ago, is a hard worker. He cares. He will go back one day and open a boxing school. But Toro’s future plans are brutally destroyed and like a cornered bull he only has one way to respond to it. The ...

Transit Havana

Transit Havana | Deutschland/Niederlande 2016 | Documentary | Daniel Abma | oA

TRANSIT HAVANA follows three trans Cubans as they undergo gender confirmation surgery that is carried out once a year in Havana by European specialists.

Turbo Kid

Kanada 2015 | Action, Comedy, Science Fiction | François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell | 16

TURBO KID takes viewers back into a 1980s low budget b-movie universe. Comic book fan The Kid and the mysterious Apple fight against the devious Zeus, his brutal sidekick Skeletron and their gang in order to rid the world of Zeus’ regime of terror.


Indien 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Prashant Nair | 6

As a boy Ramakant witnessed his big brother Udai departing to the fabulous and far away UMRIKA. Years later his brother’s letters have stopped coming and he begins to search for him.

Sa meget godt i vente

Så meget godt i vente | Dänemark 2015 | Documentary | Phie Ambo | oA

The unconventional Danish organic farmer Nils Stokkholm is sure that “when something is full of healthiness, it can only be good for us to eat.” And even the winning chef of an exclusive restaurant swears by his products. Yet the authorities are ...

Vielen Dank für nichts

Deutschland/Schweiz 2013 | Comedy | Oliver Paulus, Stefan Hillebrand | 6

Valentin is paralyzed from the waist down after a snow boarding accident. His mother sends him to a experimental theatre program for people with severe disabilities. He struggles at first with his new environment but soon finds befriends Titus and ...

Von Sängern und Mördern

A Tale of Singers and Murderers | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Stefan Eberlein

Director Stefan Eberlein accompanies prisoners in Russian prisons who are preparing for the “Kalina Krassnaja” singing competition, one of the most popular music events on Russian TV.

The Price of My Life

The Price of My Life | Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Peter Scharf | oA

The documentary film WAS BIN ICH WERT? curiously discovers the world of numbers, calculations and considerations that decide on a daily basis the monetary value of human life or parts thereof.

Gözetleme Kulesi

Gözetleme Kulesi | Türkei/Deutschland 2013 | Drama | Pelin Esmer | 12

Nihat works in an isolated watchtower and looks day in and day out for forest fires. University student Seher takes a job as a bus attendant in the countryside. Both seek isolation and carry a secret.


Kanada 2013 | Documentary | Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky

In their film about water in all its forms, director Jennifer Baichwal and photographer Edward Burtynsky present a visually impressive documentary feature.

Wer rettet Wen? – Die Krise als Geschäftsmodell auf Kosten von Demokratie und sozialer Sicherheit

Wer rettet Wen? – Die Krise als Geschäftsmodell auf Kosten von Demokratie und sozialer Sicherheit | Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Leslie Franke, Herdolor Lorenz

Documentarians Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz take a look at the aftermath of the financial crisis: while the multinational banks that caused the crisis stand to gain from it, the burden of social and financial upheaval is carried by Europe’s ...

Die Widerständigen 'Also machen wir das weiter ...'

Die Widerständigen 'Also machen wir das weiter ...' | Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Katrin Seybold, Ula Stöckl | oA

The joint work of Katrin Seybold and Ulla Stöckl depicts the little known members of the White Rose, who, after the arrest of the Scholl siblings, bravely continued their resistance activities. The core of the documentary is Seybold’s detailed ...

Winna – Weg der Seelen

Winna – Weg der Seelen | Schweiz 2014 | Documentary | Fabienne Mathier | 12

In winter the villagers in the Swiss Kanton Wallis come together to listen to the tales of the “Gratzug” from the souls of their lost ones who wander across the graveyards and glaciers of the area in limbo.


Deutschland 2014 | Drama, Historical Film | Rick Ostermann | 12

Summer 1946, a group of orphaned German children in the woods of East Prussia. Left alone to fend for themselves, they develop ruthless strategies to stay alive as they move through a post-apocalyptic world.

Yalom's Cure

Schweiz 2014 | Biography, Documentary | Sabine Gisiger | oA

Through conversations this film brings its audience closer to the philosophy and biography of the psychoanalyst Irvin D. Yalom. He is author of numerous non-fiction books and well as the novels When Nietzsche Wept and Lying on the Couch.


Zulu | F/ZA 2013 | Thriller | Jerome Salle | 18

Ali and Brian, two detectives in Cape Town, investigate the grisly murder of a teenage girl. Their investigation leads them to a web of drugs, violence, corruption, and injustice. A film that deals with the deep scars of post-apartheid South Africa.

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