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Cold War

Zimna wojna | Polen/Frankreich/Großbritannien 2018 | Drama, Love-story, Music Films | Pawel Pawlikowski | 12

Poland, the 1950s. Educated professional Wiktor and working-class Zula meet due to the music group Mazurek. They begin a passionate love story that starts off in communist Poland, moves to the West, and goes back to Poland again.

My Name is Ki

Ki | Polen 2011 | Drama | Leszek Dawid

Ki is a single mother and an art student. Permanently overextended yet unwilling to give up on any aspect of her life, Ki spends her days running from kindergarten to university to social services to therapy and back.

Never Gonna Snow Again

Śniegu już nigdy nie będzie | Polen/Deutschland 2020 | Comedy, Drama | Malgorzata Szumowska, Michal Englert | 12

In a “gated community“ in Warsaw immigrant masseur Zhenia frees the members of the new bourgeoisie from their emotional cages by touching them.


Estland/Niederlande/Polen 2017 | Drama, Fantasy, Romance Films | Rainer Sarnet

NOVEMBER is less a horror film and more a satirical look at Estonian folklore tradition, told in magical black and white and with the devices of fairy tale-like poetic realism.

Quo vadis Aida?

Quo vadis Aida? | Bosnien-Herzogowina/ Österreich/ Rumänien/ Niederlande/ Deutschland/ Polen/ Frankreich/ Norwegen 2020 | Drama | Jasmila Žbanić | 12

In July 1995, when Serbian soldiers and the paramilitary marched into protected zone Srebrenica, Aida works as a translator in the nearby UN base Potočari.

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