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12 jours

12 jours | Frankreich 2017 | Documentary | Raymond Depardon

12 days – that is the period in which a psychiatric patient must get a court hearing after a involuntary hospitalization in France. Photographer and director Raymon Depardon documented 10 cases.


L' avenir | Deutschland/Frankreich 2016 | Drama | Mia Hansen-Løve | oA

Nathalie Chazeaux (Isabelle Huppert) is a dedicated teacher and passionate intellectual. When her husband leaves her, her publisher drops her schoolbook project, and her mother decides to move into an old people’s home and ultimately disappears, ...

Bella e perduta

Bella e perduta | Italien/Frankreich 2015 | Drama, Roadmovie, Satire | Pietro Marcello

A shephard raises a buffalo calf. When he dies the buffalo becomes the protagonist of Pietro Marcello’s “travel film“ which interweaves documentary material, mythic tales, and associative imagery into a dreamy and fairy tale-like portrait of ...

Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Romuald Karmakar | oA

Romuald Karmakar visits five techno producers: Sonja Moonear, Ricardo Villalobos, Ata, Roman Flügel, and Move D. He visits them at their shows and sound spaces like their studios and a hill in Heidelberg and asks them about their life with free ...

Die Geträumten

Österreich 2016 | Ruth Beckermann

Two young actors read from the correspondence of postwar poets Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan chronicling their tempestuous and ultimately heartbreaking affair.

Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

Irland/Großbritannien 2017 | Documentary, Music Films | Sophie Fiennes | oA

Director Sophie Fiennes works in a way that befits her subject. No archival material, no voice-over, no biographical overview. Songs played in full length and an intimacy with her protagonist based on their close friendship.

Ich. Du. Inklusion. – Wenn Anspruch auf Wirklichkeit trifft

Ich. Du. Inklusion. – Wenn Anspruch auf Wirklichkeit trifft | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Thomas Binn | oA

It is a legal right to take part in lessons at regular schools since 2014. Director Thomas Binn follows a prototypical elementary school class in Niederrhein for two and a half years that also has special needs students.


Österreich 2016 | Drama | Händl Klaus | 16

New Queer Cinema from Tyrol: musicians Stefan and Andreas live an idyllic life. A violent eruption at a party is met with sadness and helplessness.

Lichtes Meer

Deutschland 2015 | Drama, Youth Film, Love Stories | Stefan Butzmühlen | 12 | NEW RELEASE

Marek leaves his home state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to work on a container ship. He falls in love with Jean, a French engineer, on board. A poetic film about different types of longing and the sea.

Ta peau si lisse

Ta peau si lisse | Kanada/Schweiz/Frankreich 2017 | Documentary | Denis Côté

The documentary profiles 6 bodybuilders and their daily body care and optimization rituals.

Verdammt nochmal Berlin – Fucking City Revisited

Verdammt nochmal Berlin – Fucking City Revisited | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Lothar Lambert | 16

Filmmaker Lothar Lambert reviews his Berlin underground films and compares film locations back then and now.

Wie die anderen

Österreich 2015 | Documentary | Constantin Wulff | 12

Constantin Wulff’s camera accompanied the staff and patients of the children and youth psychiatric university clinic in Tulln, Lower Austria for over a year and a half. Treppe aufwärts

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