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1 Berlin-Harlem

Deutschland 1974 | Drama, Crime Drama | Lothar Lambert, Wolfram Zobus

A black GI in West Berlin quits the US army and moves in with his white girlfriend. They have a falling out after he quarrels with her family. He finds work, a new place to live but he encounters racism on a daily basis.

HERRliche Zeiten

Subs | Deutschland 2018 | Comedy, Drama | Oskar Roehler | 16

A crude farce about power, powerlessness, and decadence by professional provocateurs Thor Kunkel and Oskar Roehler.

Ich war noch niemals in New York

Deutschland 2019 | Musical, Comedy | Philipp Stölzl | oA

Maria, the mother of TV moderator Lisa Wartberg, is losing her memory and can only remember that she's never been to New York. She spontaneously smuggles on board a luxurious cruise.

Der letzte Bulle

Deutschland 2019 | Crime Drama, Comedy | Peter Thorwarth | 12

The Physician

The Physician | D 2013 | Drama, Historical Film, Literary Film Adaptations | Philipp Stölzl | 12

11th century England: An orphan disguises himself as a Jew to study with a legendary Persian physician at a school that does not admit Christians.

Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt

Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt | Deutschland 2016 | Adventure, Family Film | Wolfgang Groos | oA

11 year old Tobbi Findeisen has a wild imagination. One day he meets Robbi the robot and the two go on adventures together.

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