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1918 – Aufstand der Matrosen

D 2018 | Semi-documentary Film, History | Jens Becker

Ein blinder Held – Die Liebe des Otto Weidt

Deutschland 2014 | Biography, Drama | Kai Christiansen

Berliner brush maker Otto Weidt is labeled as one of the “Righteous Among the Nations“ In Israel’s memorial “Yad Vashem.“ However, the story of the brave man who saved his Jewish coworkers in the middle of the war is relatively unknown.

Die geliebten Schwestern

Die geliebten Schwestern | Deutschland / Österreich 2013 | Drama, Historical Film, Love Stories | Dominik Graf

Die geliebten Schwestern

Deutschland/ Österreich 2014 | Drama | Dominik Graf | 6

The ménage à trois as dream and utopia: A romantic drama centred on the love triangle between the young Friedrich Schiller, exiled to Thuringia, and the aristocratic sisters Charlotte und Caroline von Lengefeld, who meet the poet in Weimar.

Generation Beziehungsunfähig

Deutschland 2021 | Comedy | Helena Hufnagel | 12

Golden Twenties

Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Sophie Kluge | oA

Ava moves back in with her mother and her new boyfriend after university. Since she can‘t find a job, she interns at a theater where she meets actor Jonas.

Second Thoughts

Ich Ich Ich – Second Thoughts | Deutschland 2021 | Drama, Love Stories | Zora Rux | 6

Das kalte Herz

Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations, Märchenfilm | Johannes Naber | 12

DAS KALTE HERZ is an adaptation of the fairy tale with the same title by Wilhelm Hauff. The young charcoal burner Peter Munk trades his heart for a stone in a world where a soft heart is an impediment.

The Girl and The Spider

Das Mädchen und die Spinne | Schweiz 2021 | Drama | Ramon Zürcher, Silvan Zürcher | 16

Mara and Lisa are giving up their flatshare which they share with one other roommate. Ramon and Silvan Zürcher depict what it‘s like for them to live together, in rooms and in relationships, with exacting images and a precisely composed rhythm.

The Silent Forest

Deutschland 2022 | Crime Drama, Drama | Saralisa Volm

When forestry student Anja finds herself in the Upper Palatine forest of her childhood, a murder occurs and her investigation sheds light on the past.

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